Rauf rubs it: 'democracy is a messy process, its going to be bumpy….'

But its all going to be good, under sharia of course:

Here’s another clueless CNN  tart who allows the sweetly smiling master deceiver Abdul Rauf to blow pink clouds of taqiyya up her butt: fairy tales and Arabian nights all mixed into one, once upon a time, when we all lived in harmony, very very diverse , back to the days of Cleopatra, and now Islam is going to bring back that multicultural dimensions of its past….. (Rauf is one of the most shameless swine on the taqiyya circuit and the Obama regime pays for him…..)

Muslim Brotherhood candidate takes lead as Egypt counts presidential votes

CNN (thanks to Gerald for the tip)

2 thoughts on “Rauf rubs it: 'democracy is a messy process, its going to be bumpy….'”

  1. What a Dhimmi wit Cu-t , She just SUCKS it up . The only reason Egypt had, any Cordial relations with any other culture other than I SLAM is because of Hosni Mubarak. The muslim brotherhood was BANNED from Egyptian society under Hosni Mubarak . This -uckin CREEP is a LYING MUSLIM soldier . This -uckin creep went to Court to build a Muslim Monument on the site of 911 . abdul rauf is the Epitome Of DECEPTION. he LIES with a straight face . as do ALL TRUE muslims ” allah is the greatest of Decievers “

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