Riots Downunder?

Why are they alienated?

If the danger is so great, is it worth the gamble to take in more?

RIOTS – similar to those that erupted in English cities last August – could occur in parts of Melbourne if more isn’t done to help pockets of alienated African-Australian youth feel included, warn young people and community leaders.

University student Hannah Fesseha and her friends (pictured) say riots could happen here as many African youth are upset about the same issues. Ms Fesseha recently formed Imara Advocacy, a group calling for Victoria Police to adopt the receipt system used by UK police that records when and why a person is stopped. At present she says Victoria Police officers are harassing African youth without recognising it.

How many other migrant groups have issued such a warning – or made such a threat? I don’t recall anything similar from Jews or Sikhs, for instance. (thanks to Andrew Bolt)

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  1. I wonder why Africans are so keen to come to the West. I thought Blacks hated Whites and told them to get out of Africa.

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