Robert Spencer: ‘Making Muslims look bad’

Mona Eltahawy mugged by reality and sold out by her coreligionists….

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the vid:

Mona Eltahawy is hardly what you would call a freedom fighter. At the beginning of the “Arab Spring” she was one of the foremost voices of obfuscation and denial of the fact that it was an Islamic supremacist takeover:

But then Eltahawy got mugged by reality, literally — beaten and sexually assaulted by Egyptian security forces. And maybe that horrible experience has started to open her eyes. She recently wrote a long piece for Foreign Policy, assailing the mistreatment of women in the Arab and Muslim world. Here’s an excerpt:

Why Do They Hate Us? 

(This is a question WoJ readers should never ask.  Muselmaniacs are religiously obliged to hate unbelievers, and that’s it. Its them against us.   Regardless what their clerics and their leaders say, the ignorant fools who are supposed to protect us keep telling us we are not at war with Islam;  but  Islam is at war with the world ever since the meshugga profit appeared on the scene.)

Pamela Geller:  Mogahed’s Misogyny

3 thoughts on “Robert Spencer: ‘Making Muslims look bad’”

  1. Sorry, too late, Muslims, you make yourselves look bad … Apparently, you are too stupid to understand that, however. Go, Robert!

  2. And, for dhimmis and other assorted useful idiots and apologists for Islam … Why do you have to get attacked, raped, beat up, shot, killed, blown up or stabbed before you wake up? I mean, is it OK as long as it’s “other ” people, but suddenly not OK when it’s you? Wake up, Neo.

  3. Asking why they hate us is implicitly, rather covertly (and cowardly), assuming that, somehow, it’s our fault. It’s just like saying it’s the fault of a little girl when she gets raped and killed by a child sexual predator.

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