Couldn’t happen to nicer people:

German ‘Antifa’ loons got a well deserved thrashing from  the soldiers of allah, who regard them as useful idiots, but not more than that. According to Yusuf al Qaradawi, top dog of the muslim brotherhood, atheists  or godless commies  don’t even have the right to live under the Islamic system.

 “The call for secularism among Muslims is atheism and a rejection of Islam…”

Looking at the pic’s one gets the impression we are dealing to a large degree with ‘reverts’, and like Nicky Reilly, the shoebomber and Adam Gadahn, these turncoats are know to take their new-found religion very seriously.

The Tundra Tabloids has more….

A May Day event in Germany is emblematic of the unholy alliance between Islamic expansionists and the useful idiot moonbats who side with them against Western Civilization:

On 1 May in Solingen, the German anti-Islam movement PRO NRW (Pro North Rhine Westphalia) held a demonstration. Hundreds of assorted Muslims and far-left extremists turned up to harass and intimidate them. Two of these “antifascists” found themselves in the midst of a horde of Salafist Muslims, who promptly started beating them up with bits of wood. Even after they were lying helpless and passive on the ground, the Muslims kept laying into them. One was badly hurt in the head; the other in the arm. Both required hospital treatment.

Apparently it wasn’t a failure of recognition either. The Muslims knew that these were leftist anti-fascists who had come to protest against the “islamophobes”. They beat them up anyway.

Some people just have it coming.   (Moonbattery)

5 thoughts on “Schadenfreude”

  1. My God, such faces…these are German fascists…er, anti-fascists…er, well, Germans…they used to be handsome people…

  2. This is why these muslim parasites need to be permanently dealth with – and now!!”

  3. @ Stephanie

    Thanks for the extra photos.

    The guy in the third photo who attempted to use his flag as a weapon deserves an arse kicking by the German police.

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