Soccer Jihad: Prince Ali 'Shocked & Disturbed by Hijab Knock Back'

The preposterous sons of the desert are not used to getting their absurd demands rejected.

Prince Ali stunned by FIFA experts’ hijab knock back–thanks to Mullah

Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein of Jordan, whose presentation to soccer’s law-making body IFAB six weeks ago saw the approval of the headscarf pending health and safety checks, said he was “shocked and disturbed” by the evidence presented on Thursday.

“If it is true, I would accept it, but I believe it was without foundation,” he told reporters.

More shock and disturbance at World News Australia

Soccer has been ruled to be un-islamic, along with watching it on TV – people have died at the hands of muslim soccerphobes, which is more shocking and disturbing than limitations on hedjabs – except to one of allah’s princlings, perhaps.


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