That's a new one: al BeBeeCeera uses "alleged Muslim" to describe Islamic rape of Sikh girl

The clueless journaillie (Nicky Jenkins) tries their usual  best not to reveal the underlying causes;  she babbles about ‘race was no factor’,  then comes the police chief who evades the “M”-word by calling on “all communities” to report rape, grooming or sexual exploitation; and finally we are told that “after all its only a minority of Muslims” – (isn’t it always?) and finally : ‘all sides are coming together and solve….’ (what can’t be solved, because you can’t change  the nature of the beast. The delusional drivel and usual deflection continues.)

Thanks to Vlad for the vid and  comments, here:

BBC cracks, finally uses the word ‘Muslim’ to describe Islamic motivated crime

Of course, it is because Muslims finally raped a non-white woman from a community willing to actually act on it. Much harder to call a large group of Sikh’s marching to the police station in horror because of a rape of one of their owns racist than it is the indigenous British. The usual tactic of the repugnant and selective BBC

2 thoughts on “That's a new one: al BeBeeCeera uses "alleged Muslim" to describe Islamic rape of Sikh girl”

  1. Bravo to the Sikh community. Lets hope they join up with the indigenous British population and start pushing back.

    Besides, why would all sides ‘need’ to come together to “solve the problem” If it was a just a normal depraved man? And the act of rape was not meant as a weapon to punish someone for being culturally/religiously different then the attacker.


    Interesting point, let see how the BBC plays this one. How is the oh so culturally sensitive BBC going to choose amongst two of its favorite minority groups. Tough one indeed for the Beeb.

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