"… then one day, I stumbled into the hijaaaab… and I chose…"

Its all about ‘choice’, we  are told. So she stumbled, and she chose stumbling. Or something.

Nadiya Takolia sings the praises of the “political, feminist and empowering” freedom sack….

She speaks  “as a woman who just happens to come from the Islamic faith”, its all about  expressing her feelings and frustrations; and stumbling was the right choice.

” I really believe that a non-Muslim woman could do this if she chose to.”

In Jordan a Christian woman just lost her job as a bank clerk because she didn’t chose the stumbling rag. In

How about we make Musel-females chose to wear a cross or a star of David when they work in the west? (Ah, I forgot, most of them are on the dole or busy breeding more little hijab girls. No need to chose; allah decided for them….)

Robert Spencer:

Remember: when in Muslim countries, you must abide by Muslim practices. And when in non-Muslim countries, you must abide by Muslim practices. Obama has said that he will defend the right of Muslim women in the U.S. to wear the hijab, as if anyone is denying it — but he will say nothing about this. Islamic supremacism from modern, moderate Jordan: “Jordan Bank Fires Christian Woman Who Eschewed Hijab,” by Gabe Kahn for Israel National News, May 23 (thanks to Voice of the Copts):

In Teheran, chose wisely:

Tehran police shut down a food and agriculture exhibition, citing sellers’ failure to properly observe the Islamic dress code “hijab.” (they also beat up  and arrested women who ‘violated the Islamic dress-code)

Sharia in Iran: Youth publicly whipped for drinking alcohol— but not to worry, it can never happen here, right?

More hijabbery: