Absurd Britannia

Talibandit who killed in battle wins fight to stay in UK – to spare him from persecution by… the Taliban

Senior Immigration Judge Jonathan Perkins ruled that he must not be deported.
An Afghan Muslim who claims  he killed people while fighting for the Taliban has used the Human Rights Act to remain in Britain – despite Government efforts to deport him.

Zareen Ahmadzai, who spent  three years fighting in Afghanistan, has admitted using a Kalashnikov rifle and firing rockets, as well  as supplying weapons and food to the Taliban.

UKBA would not disclose whether it knew where Ahmadzai now  lived. However, it is understood  that he is legally free to live anywhere in Britain.

MI5 feared British police attended terrorist camps

MI5 warned Scotland Yard that policemen in its ranks were suspected of attending terrorist training camps, it can be disclosed. The policemen lost their jobs when their security clearance was revoked by senior officers after checks were carried out because of fears of “sleepers” in the ranks.