Africa: Stoning of Women, Missing Money, Mugabe & the Peace of Islam

Stoning almost never happens, except when it does

Sharia in Sudan: Woman sentenced to be stoned to death for adultery

But stoning is not in the Koran!

That’s what the apologists for Islam are telling us, but good Muslims like Tariq Ramadan and Imam Rauf know their Islam, and they know very well that the truth is not for infidel consumtion.

Its a myth!

Imam Rauf should be jetting to Khartoum any minute now, to explain to Sudanese officials how they are misunderstanding Sharia, which is utterly benign and compatible with Western notions of human rights.

“Young woman sentenced to death by stoning in Sudan,” by Alexander Dziadosz forReuters, May 31

Somalia donor money ‘goes missing’

Large sums of money donated to Somalia’s UN-backed interim government have not been accounted for, a World Bank report says.

 Could it have something to do with the “ energetic involvement of Turkey?”

The Dynamics Of Peace In Islam (the peace of the grave)

Another Nigerian scam: Islam and peace go hand in hand


Without much ado, I wish to state from the outset that Islam and peace go hand in hand. In fact, this is so much so that Islam and Salaam (Peace) share the same linguistic foundation in the Arabic language. Therefore, to ask the question of the importance of peace in Islam is to ask the importance of air to life.

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Mugabe: Tourism or Terrorism?