Australia: 'Gay marriage could green light polygamy'

That’s what its all about, isn’t it?   The fact is, this push for polygamy fits right in the centre of the agenda of Cultural Marxism:  to destroy the bedrock traditional institutions of our society.

Legalizing polygamy would be just one more measure to encourage Muslims to outbreed us even faster.

  • Motion introduced by Greens MP
  • Premier won’t confirm backing motion
  • O’Farrell allows conscience vote on issue

THE NSW upper house has voted in favour of a motion calling on the Federal Government to allow gay homosexual marriage.  (

Greens MP Cate Faehrmann introduced a private members’ motion last week for the Commonwealth Marriage Act to be amended, with MPs from both major parties split on the issue.

The Legislative Council voted 22 to 16 in favour of the motion.

Coalition MPs, including National Trevor Kahn, previously expressed support for move that calls on the Federal Government to allow gay marriage.

But Liberal Matthew Mason-Cox today said same-sex marriage could lead to polygamy.

“Indeed, if one was to take the notion of equality of marriage to its logical conclusion, then there would be no reason to stand in the way of polygamist marriages, or other variants,” he told the chamber today.
“This is the so-called slippery slope in this debate which has manifested itself overseas in some jurisdictions where same-sex marriage has been allowed.”

Labor MP Helen Westwood, who is in a lesbian relationship, spoke in favour of the motion.

“This is a human rights issue and I believe very strongly the laws that discriminate against one group of Australians should amended,” she said.

Christian Democrats MP Fred Nile, who strongly opposes gay marriage, has previously spoken against the motion, and moved an amendment noting how the European Court of Human Rights did not consider gay marriage to be an inherent right.

Premier Barry O’Farrell refused to confirm whether he backed the motion.

“It’s an issue for the upper house, should it come to the lower house I’ll make my views clear then,” he said in Sydney.

The Premier has allowed Coalition MPs a conscience vote on the issue, unlike Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

Mr O’Farrell dismissed suggestions the motion, if passed, may put pressure on Mr Abbott to allow a conscience vote when the Bill comes before federal parliament.

“I think Tony Abbott is the person least affected by pressure that I know,” he said.

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More on Polygamy:

New Delhi: A landmark fatwa issued by a leading Indian seminary to avoid practice of polygamy has stirred interest in India, which is home to 150 million Muslims.

The fatwa issued by a mufti at the leading Deoband Islamic seminary located in Deoband town in northern India had said earlier this month, that marrying more than once made it “hard to provide equal justice to two wives in the Indian custom”. The fatwa was issued in response to a query by a man who wanted advise on marrying twice.

“Although Islam permits two wives at the same time, Indian traditions do not allow it,” the seminary said, adding that while Islam “allowed” second marriage, the practice itself was not encouraged.

The fatwa issued by the Uttar Pradesh seminary, which has been a leading institution of Islamic learning in India for over 150 years. The Deoband seminary also has a global presence and is a clearing house for thousands of Sunni Islamic clerics, many of whom have even migrated to the West.

The fatwa issued by the seminary’s Darul Ifta has however evoked a bouquet of reactions. While the hardliners have rubbished the Deoband’s interpretation of the Islamic law, moderates, as well as the media has said it was a credible step.

In a statement head of the Dukhtaran-e-Millat Syeda Asiya Andrabi has claimed that such orders go against Islam.

“Islam is a complete way of life and anything in it can neither be expunged nor subjected to any change. This is why it makes Islam different from other worldly religions. Such type of fatwas will open the gate for change and abrogation in Islam,” Andrabi said, adding that Islamic law cannot be subjected to any kind of “national interest” or “legislation”.

On the contrary Andrabi maintained that the Islamic practice of “four wives per man” was in fact the need of the hour.

“Islam permits a man to have four wives. There is no compromise on the tenets of Islam. The fatwa issued by Deoband Mufti is against the spirit of Islam. Therefore I will say a man should have four wives at a time,” she told the media in India.

Citing the conflict-ridden Indian state of Kashmir as an example Andrabi said: “We have 30,000 widows in Kashmir. We have a large army of orphans. If a man keeps more than one wife and marries a widow, it is most desirable and in the spirit of Islam”.

Islamic Council of India has hailed the fatwa as landmark and one that put the concept of polygamy in Islam in perspective.

“There are a lot of myths about Muslims and polygamy that need to be clarified. First, it is not binding on Muslims to marry more than once. Second, the idea of permitting second, third or fourth marriages has certain conditions that need to be fulfilled. Islam prohibits extra-marital relations and views marriage as a social contract,” Naeem Ur Rahman Siddiqui the secretary of ICI said.

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