Australia: Inquiry exposes fear of Muslims

Dig this:

  • “ We are not helping migrants and refugees at the front door…”
  • “We are failing   to provide adequate language tuition”
  • “We are  failing to recognise migrants’ unique qualifications”.
Australia is not ‘failing’.  Australians did not fail.  There is only one thing that’s  continouusly failing us: harebrained redistribution engineers like Labor MP Maria Vamvakinou who are in positions way above their pay grade and ability.  When did Australians agree to be replaced by a mohammedan proletariat?

AUSTRALIANS are comfortable with multiculturalism and racial diversity, but an overwhelming number of people have expressed concerns that Muslims are not integrating and are coming to Australia to impose their values on the nation.

PATRICIA KARVELAS @ The Australian  (thanks to Gramfan)

A far-reaching bipartisan federal parliamentary inquiry into the nation’s acceptance of culturally diverse communities, due to report in August, will conclude that the largest issue facing the nation is the acceptance of Muslims, who many Australians fear have an agenda not at one with the country’s values.

Labor MP Maria Vamvakinou, who chairs the inquiry, has told The Australian her committee believes the country needs strong political leadership to address the crisis over Islam.

She said the committee looking at multiculturalism would not extend “rights” and would not recommend the introduction of a multicultural act because people resented being told what to think.

Expect exactly that from this dictatorial bunch of commie lunatics.

The strengthening of laws has been on the agenda and this is the first time it has been ruled out.

“No, the multicultural act won’t happen, and neither is sharia law,” Ms Vamvakinou told The Australian.

Never trust a  government run by a lying  socialist commie hack for whom the end justifies the means. Its them who brought us the multiculti disaster and sharia is already here, supported by ex PM KRudd and cronies.

“I think we do not need to prescribe things and I felt that people resent that there is this prescription for behaviour and this issue is too important to the broader community to let it fester.

“Australians are comfortable with multiculturalism. We don’t think a multicultural act will help multiculturalism. People don’t need new laws here.”

We don’t. We need to apply the existing law  against those who want to replace it with sharia.

Instead of increasing laws, Australia needed to address how it could continue the positive elements of multiculturalism “without creating the sense of new rules being imposed”.

She said her committee was looking at recommending that the issue of Islamic acceptance engage political leadership because of alarming levels of discomfort with Muslims.

Ms Vamvakinou also said the committee had been overwhelmed by complaints that the multicultural system was failing to equip new Australians with language skills and suitable work.


She said the system was not helping migrants and refugees at the front door, particularly by failing to provide adequate language tuition and also by failing to recognise migrants’ unique qualifications.

We are  ‘failing?’.  It is not our business to integrate muslims. Those who are unable or unwilling to live by our laws must be kicked out of the country.

“Clearly, there is a belief among some people that there is a worldwide agenda for Islamists to bring their values into Australia.There is a view that multiculturalism is a way for Muslims to come in and impose their views under the guise of multiculturalism.

Its not a ‘belief’- its a fact.

“Our approach is not to ignore this. There is a section of the community that thinks this way. We think we need strong leadership on this because it emerged as a big issue. We have to balance this between people’s fears and the real facts,” she said.

Here we go. We need to be ‘educated’ about Islam and we will get along swimmingly. I smell a rat.

Ms Vamvakinou said her committee would try to present the government with a unified response, rather than one that has dissenting reports by politicians of different views. “In the past decade, multiculturalism was a political football and I think that caused a lot of damage,” she said.

“Unified response?” WTF?  What the hell happened to the diversity we are told to embrace?  For this mob diversity obviously does not extend to freedom of thought or expression.

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  1. I just hope they are not kidding us, tagging us all along.

    Song list is hilarious!

  2. She is lying. Just like her boss.

    ‘The multicultural act’ was the first thing this revolting Labor regime reinstated after Howard/Costello were voted out.

    KRudd is chasing sharia finance with ex NAB boss Ahmed Fahur in all every Islamic craphole around the world.

    Muslims are telling us that ‘everything except wine and pork’ is already halal and that halal certification has made them very rich.

    McClealland, who said ‘there will never be sharia in Australia’ has been moved out to pasture.

    Tell me what’s happening!

  3. We have to fight – and that means total rejection of any thing muslim. krudd is chasing sharia finance, and arab monies look very attractive to the goons in the ALP (and the public service) who have been spending beyond OUR means.

  4. “Labor MP Maria Vamvakinou, who chairs the inquiry, has told The Australian her committee believes the country needs strong political leadership to address the crisis over Islam.”
    Could this have have anything to with the fact that a large percentage of Muslims that have been tried and convicted of planning terrorist acts against lawful citizens of this country have come from her own electorate??
    This stinking dhimmified rat should be booted out of politics, but won’t be due to the fact her electorate has a large Muslim population.
    The fact that she publicised that ASIO had MUSLIMS under surveillance in her electorate shows how seditious her actions are!!

  5. Shocking and sickening i can not believe that we are even entertaining these absolutely absord ideas of anything to do with Sharia, they want Sharia finance because half the muslims in this country are already bankrupts or convicted fraudsters who can not obtain finance from traditional financial institutions, bring on a referendum to end islam in Australia.

  6. I ‘ve heard the Gillard govt is planning on sending “Learing from one another” to EVERY scool in Australia. That book is filled with lies and misinformation.

    1. “Learning from one another” is already in the schools for quite a while now…..


      Now what about the Multicultural Council the feds created last year?

      6 out of the 10 are Muslims.

      One of our readers wrote to Tanya Plibersek and she took forever to write back- we might be able to post her comments later.

      The not very multicultural council by Miranda Devine

      WITH little fanfare last week Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced her new Multicultural Council.

      But a curious feature of an advisory body that is supposed to be a “socially inclusive” representation of multi-ethnic Australia was the fact that at least five of its 10 members are Muslims, and not one member has a Chinese or Indian background.
      This glaring oversight is despite the fact that China was Australia’s largest source of migrants in 2010-11, comprising 17.5 percent of the total intake. And Indians made up 12.9 percent of migrants. There are no representatives from the indigenous community, either.

      The 10 members of the council are: Rauf Soulio (chairman), a South Australian judge active in the Albanian community; Gail Ker, a board member of the Ethnic Communities Council in Queensland; Dr Hass Dellal, Executive director of the Australian Multicultural Foundation; Samina Yasmeen, Director of the Centre for Muslim States and Societies and Professor of Political Science at the University of Western Australia; Talal Yassine, a lawyer and director of the Whitlam Institute; Yassmin Abdel-Magied, a mechanical engineering student at the University of Queensland; Dr Tanveer Ahmed, a psychiatrist, author and newspaper columnist; Dr Tim Soutphommasane, a research fellow at Monash University’s National Centre for Australian Studies, Peter Wertheim, executive director of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, and Carmel Guerra, chief executive officer of the Centre for Multicultural Youth.

      New council members said they had been told not to speak to the media. But others in the multicultural community expressed surprise at the heavy Islamic presence, while pointing out the Muslim members could not be said to be monocultural, being drawn from such diverse ethnic backgrounds as Lebanese, Sudanese, Bangladeshi and Turkish.

      Eminent Chinese community leaders such as Dr Anthony Pun, founding National President of the Chinese Community Council in Australia, might have been snubbed but last week he refused to have “sour grapes”.
      “I am sure the members have been appointed on merit and I would like to congratulate them. I would just ask that if they want to make decisions concerning Chinese-Australians they would they consult us.”

      All the new council members have significant CVs. But to have allocated half the spots to a religious group which represents just 1.7 percent of the Australian population seems peculiar. As does excluding the largest ethnic groups in the country.

      It looks like yet another own goal from the Gillard government.

      BTW here’s a quote from Natan Sharansky that may help composition of letters. Get them in before 1PM EST so they get in tomorrow’s edition. Include a phone number so they can check and full address.

      ‘Instead of working to relieve the refugees’ misery, the United Nations has dedicated an entire agency, UNRWA, to perpetuating it. For the rest of the world’s refugees, the U.N. works tirelessly to improve their conditions, to relocate them, and to help them rebuild their lives as quickly as possible. With the Palestinians, the U.N. does exactly the opposite, granting refugee status to the great-grandchildren of people displaced in 1948, doing nothing to dismantle the camps, and acting as facilitators for the terrorists’ goal of grinding an entire civilian population under their thumb. Nowhere on earth do terrorists get so much help from the Free World.’

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