Bangladesh turns away Rohingya Muslims fleeing religious violence in Myanmar


Where is the solidarity among the  Muslim ummah when you need it?  Draw a cartoon of Muhammad and 1.5 gazillion enraged Muselmaniacs threaten to kill you, but when their brothers and sisters are in need nobody wants to know. WTF is wrong with these people?

Bangladesh turns away Rohingya Muslims fleeing religious violence in Myanmar

“The three boats were carrying 103 Rohingya, including 81 women and children, who were coming from Akyab [Sittwe],” he told AFP.

The boats were detained and later returned to Myanmar territory, he said, adding the BGB had turned away 11 boats carrying more than 400 Rohingya since Monday.

Teknaf Bangladesh border guards pushed back three more boats carrying about 100 Rohingya Muslims fleeing religious violence in Myanmar, officials said on Tuesday.

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) teams intercepted the boats carrying Rohingya people as they tried to enter Bangladesh on Monday night over the Naf river that separates the nations, BGB Major Shafiqur Rahman said.

Bangladesh ‘turns back’ Myanmar refugees

Unknown number of people fleeing violence in Rakhine region are adrift in boats on Naf river, says UN refugee agency. (Al Jizz)

Sittwe, formerly Akyab, is the capital of Myanmar’s Rakhine state where violence between majority Buddhists and Rohingya left at least 17 people dead last week, prompting the authorities to declare a state of emergency.

Security has been stepped up along Bangladesh’s 200-kilometre border with Myanmar to prevent an influx of Rohingya refugees.

“We got a reinforcement of 120 soldiers on Monday to beef up border patrols,” Rahman said.

Bangladeshi officials estimate that a total of 300,000 Rohingya people live in the country, with only about a tenth of them in two official refugee camps in the southern district of Cox’s Bazaar.

Rohingya are a stateless people described by the United Nations as one of the world’s most persecuted minorities.

The Myanmar government considers the Rohingya to be foreigners, while many citizens see them as illegal immigrants from Muslim-majority Bangladesh and view them with hostility.

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  1. Sheik, blogs like yours must stop using the word Rohingyas to describe Bengali Muslims in Burma who are attempting a land grab. Rohingyas are an invented people that originated in the 1950s. They are like the Fakenstinians, oops the Palestinians.
    C.E. Lucas Phillips, a Brigadier General in the British Fourteenth Army, who fought on the Arakan front during the Second World War, clarifies the ethnicity, language, religion and national origin of the fictional Rohingya.
    “Arakan is a province of Burma that has a character all its own.” “The two main strains of the population, mutually hostile, divided by race, language and religion, were of Muslim and Buddhist persuasions respectively. The Buddhists, to whom the term ‘Arakanese’ was in these parts specially applied, belong to a tribe or strain known as Maugh or Mughs.9 ” ” The Muslims had their origin in the district of Chittagong, in the Bengal province of British India, and all the Muslims, whether natives of Arakan for generations or recent immigrants, were known as Chittagonians, or in the British forces as ‘CF’….. A bewildering babel of language was spoken by these people. The Arakanese spoke a dialect of Burmese, but the Chttagonian stuck to the Bengali of their homeland, but, if educated, spoke Urdu as well.”
    The Rakhaing land, having taken over by the British from the Burmese occupiers, became the Arakan Division in British Burma. It was divided into three districts, namely Akyab, Kyaukpru and Sandoway. Akyab district was where the Bengali immigrants concentrated most, especially in the townships of Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathidaung, geographically in the order of proximity to the adjoining Bengali land.

  2. The Muslims of Bangladesh wouldn’t want to start a precedent by taking in their fellow Muslims as refugees. Muslim refugees have a purpose, to Islamise other countries. These wusses must go back to Burma and get on with the job of killing, raping and making demands of the local non-Muslims. How dare they turn tail and flee!

  3. In response to the massacres of Muslims in the so-called State of Burma (Myanmar).

    In the name of God the most Merciful

    It is the son of Islam to the head of a gang so-called the State of Burma, your hands committed a shame against a nation ruled the world from the east to the west, Nation never gave up one day to a criminal or a tyrant, and it seems that what seems to be the case of the Muslims today encouraged you to commit these massacres, but it is not as you think, O son of whore, You have reached the rank that is difficult for you and for your people, and you for intending to reach the impossible to those who are greatest than you, son of dwarfs, Great empires failed to conquer us and was unable to subject us mighty and tyrants, I swear, O worshipers of fire and cattle, We are going to insult you against all the world, Then the world must see and keep silent as it does today. The world will see how we will make the noblest of your nation submissive; you are taking yourself to battle that is greater than you can stand for.

    Since your hands have made yourself and your people crowned with shame and the scandal, and the reply to your crimes is yet to come.
    I swear, O son of infidel, certainty is what you see not what you hear.

    Hold on, we are in our way to Burma!

    God is the greatest and thankfully to Allah

    Son of The Islam

  4. Hey… The Son Of Islam… what’s your no in Pakistan? Do you have any proof the victims are not Buddhists.

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