Belgium: Muselmaniacs lay siege to police station over arrested burqa-momma

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Thanks to BCF:

The Cops arrested some niqab wearing Muslimas who refused to identify themselves. One of the Muslims then head butted the female police officer. Allah then willed a whole bunch of other Muslims to lay siege to the police station. Of course the Muslims are pleading innocence.

I love the Google translation:

Here’s the cousin’s testimony: “was forcibly taken my cousin who was driving. Then the police, he was told that it was worse than Guantanamo and was insulted every name. Then he removed his coat, he pulled the hair and sat on his butt. To defend my cousin hit the police. The controls have also been made ​​by women. We’ll take a lawyer to defend itself. “ A version contradicted by the police who said that the review was conducted by two female officers.”

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