Burma's "Sectarian Violence"

Islam + Muslims cause jihad, not ‘sectarian violence’.

 “Sectarian violence” is typical Al Jazeera, Reuters & AFP spin.

Al Jizz calls it “Ethnic Unrest”

The BBC has been criticized  for implying the Rohingya are part of the Burmese population,  attracting vitriolic responses.

  • Muslims make up nearly five percent of Myanmar’s more than 53 million population.
  • Muslims are forbidden from entering Burma’s police force or army – for good reason.
  • The largest group of Myanmar’s Muslims is the ethnic-Bengali minority, generally known as the Rohingyas, who mainly live in the western state of Rakhine.
  • Myanmar’s Buddhist majority describe Muslim Rohingyas as “invaders” or “terrorists” (there must be a reason for that, no?)

Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine state, has a Muslim population of around 100,000 and dozens of mosques.

  • The latest violence reflects the deep divisions between the majority Buddhists and the Muslim minority. (Deeply rooted in Koran, sira & hadith)

AMuslim leader in the town, who asked not to be named, told AFP there was “no religious freedom”.  (“No religious freedom” for Muslims means they are prevented from forcing Islamic mores on the host population.)

  • He added that authorities rarely granted permission for new mosques to be built, or repairs to be carried out. (Damn! Where did I hear that before?)

‘OnIslam’ whines, as usual:

Fleeing Myanmar Muslims Turned Away

  • They have 57 Muselmanic nations to chose from. Why aren’t they looking after their Muslim brothers?

A Burmese spokesman:

“if western nations really believed in human rights, they would take the Rohingya from us.”  (No thank you. We don’t need any more of those who believe only Muslims are human.)

3 thoughts on “Burma's "Sectarian Violence"”

  1. Let the authorities in Myanmar get on with the clean-up – when they have finished the population of Myanmar should be reduced by 5%.

  2. This is what the vice-president of the Muslim Lawyers Association of Malaysia has to say about this problem.
    “So the Rohingya dilemma is a dilemma for all Muslims, since they cannot be forcibly disowned without the means to form their own government and polity.
    It is clear to the Islamic value system that the impoverished Rohingya cannot be left in the status of “boat people”. They cannot be left without representation, no matter what cost and effort that may entail.
    Malaysia must offer every human resource at its command to organise and defend them, without losing them in the politicisation of an all-too-common ethnicisation where none is needed nor required.”
    It looks like a call to arms to the jihadists of the world and perhaps a solution similar to that inflicted on the Serbs in Yugoslavia. Hopefully not.

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