"Don't Force Poor Muslims to Become Terrorists"- Koranimals Spreading Sharia in Indonesia

“A vocal and violent minority has influenced the government to adopt its policies…”–  oppose sharia and you are forcing Muslims resort to violence.  Do you really want them to become terrorists…?

The government of Indonesia is investigating whether a town in West Java has violated national law by introducing Islamic law.

The mayor of Tasikmalaya has been called to Jakarta to explain the content of a regulation that declares that women should cover their heads and people should live in an Islamic manner.

The new regulations come as a result of pressure from the Islamic Defenders Front, a group known for violent acts against religious minorities in the multi-religious nation.

Indonesia is a secular country, but in recent years there have been 79 regulations related to Islamic law introduced in several regions.

Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from West Java.