"All those Egyptians who did not vote for Morsi, the secularists and Copts, are 'resisters of the Sharia of Allah,' are infidels whom true Muslims must fight and subjugate…"

Michael Coren: History of Egypt, Islam in Egypt and who exactly the Muslim Brotherhood are. (Vlad Tepes)

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As the great philosopher once put it, Well duhh. “U.K. spy chief: Arab Spring creates “permissive environment” for al Qaeda in Middle East,” from CBS News, June 26 (thanks to JW)

Over at the Investigative Project on Terrorism (via RaymondIbrahim.com), I discuss three recent incidents that clearly expose the Muslim Brotherhood for an anti-infidel, anti-Christian organization bent on enforcing Sharia, including through lying and cheating:Continue reading

Egypt’s President-elect Morsi:

“The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal”

Today we can establish Sharia law because our nation will acquire well-being only with Islam and Sharia. The Muslim Brothers and the Freedom and Justice Party will be the conductors of these goals,” he said….

That is, of course, the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood. “Egypt presidential candidate seeks Constitution based on Sharia Law,” from Russia Today, May 13 (thanks toBusiness Insider)

They  admit they got ‘carried away’- but what are they going to do about it?

It wasn’t just the BBC. The entire mainstream media poured out enthusiastic story after story about how the “Arab Spring” was a flowering of democracy and pluralism. On Fox back in the winter of 2011, I said it was a Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic supremacist takeover, and Juan Williams derided me for “fearmongering,” while the other assembled talking heads spoke about how no one in Egypt supported the Brotherhood, and how a new democratic era was dawning there. Yet none of those pundits, even though they are consistently wrong, are ever held accountable; instead, they continue to appear on show after show to this day, and keep on offering learned analyses that will prove to be howlingly wrong in a few months’ time.

“Our coverage of the Arab Spring was over-excited, admits BBC,” by Paul Revoir for theDaily Mail, June 25

Congressman Allen West is not exited: