Why is the Australian gov't allowing Pakistani 'boat-people' to settle in Australia?

Last time we checked there was no war on in Pakistan.

If that is the case, then the people who arrive on our shores are welfare seekers and they are not subject to any treaty that deserves our protection.

Are these people running from Islam or are they coming to make Australia Islamic? How come nobody asks this fundamental question rather than squabbling over their  nonexistent entitlements?

Most of the dead from last week’s sinking are not from Afghanistan but Pakistan.

Gillard resorts to the oldest trick in the book:

Julia Gillard shoves the responsibility of solving her boat people fiasco to a committee of friends. Meanwhile:

Another boat carrying 44 people was sighted off Christmas Island late last night.

Good News!

(Only) 74% of Pakistanis hate the U.S.   (99% would migrate tomorrow if they had a chance….)

Send them a few more billion. That’ll fix it.

“74% Pakistanis consider United States an enemy country,” from PressTV, June 27 (thanks to JW):

Three-in-four Pakistanis consider the United States an enemy country. This  survey was conducted  by the Washington-based Pew Global Attitudes Project indicates.

Righteous Sunni Believers Export Bus Full of Shiites to Allah

Islamophobes murder 13 on bus carrying Muslims from religious pilgrimage — no, wait…

Oddly enough, it was Sunnis misunderstanding Islam and murdering more Shi’ites. Sunni-Shi’ite Jihad Update: “Blast kills 13, including Shia pilgrims, in Quetta,” fromDawn, June 28 (thanks to JW):

Pakistan renounces jihad

Mumbai jihad mass murderer confirms Pakistan’s role in attacks

Can we get our billions in aid money back? Can we at least stop giving them more? “26/11 Mumbai terror attacks suspect ‘confirms Pakistan role,'” from the Telegraph, June 27 (thanks to Benedict):

3 thoughts on “Why is the Australian gov't allowing Pakistani 'boat-people' to settle in Australia?”

  1. If they are Christian Pakistanis, then by all means, welcome them here. And Muslims do kill other Muslims – depending on the sects (eg Sunnis and Shiites). So maybe some of these are from a sect of Islam and being killed for it? I wish people would open their eyes and look around the world and see how people of other religions are treated in Islamic countries!

    1. They are not Christian Pakistani.

      The Persecution of Pakistan’s Christians (FrontPage Magazine)
      The Christian minority in Pakistan is brutally persecuted by the Muslim majority, yet there is no terrorism from Christians – and precious little introspection on the part of Muslims.

  2. The fact that these boat people are sailing from an Indonesian port after having ‘somehow’ arrived in that same port from Pakistan, Iran or Afghanistan is something this government doesn’t seem to understand.

    The have quite obviously flown in.

    How stupid are you? I’m talking to you, Julia.

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