From Teenager to Mental Midget: Susan Carland & Other 'Reverts' Explain Dumbing Down

Aussies who have turned to Islam  against us: “its sad, its quite sad”…

Reminds me of    “What’s liberating about Islam is that one is spared from having to think.”

Australia is doomed with polit-props like this:

Canberra Times 2012-03-16: BOB CARR has promised ”no bold departures” from Australia’s foreign policy direction but wants to elevate the worsening rift between Islam and the West and the destruction of the world’s oceans onto the global agenda. Senator Carr – who was sworn in this week as the Minister for Foreign Affairs – said recent events in Afghanistan were worrying signs of the growing divide between Islam and the West and the world must avoid the nightmare of a ”clash of civilisations”. In an exclusive interview with the Herald yesterday, Senator Carr said he recognised the dangers of inserting ”pet enthusiasms” in the foreign… more »

Unelected, unrespected:

Canberra Times 2012-03-21: Foreign Minister Bob Carr has revived the threat of a ”clash of civilisations” in his maiden speech to the Senate this afternoon. Senator Carr said the recent incidents such as US soldiers burning copies of the Koran and young people desecrating Commonwealth war graves in Libya could look… more »

9 thoughts on “From Teenager to Mental Midget: Susan Carland & Other 'Reverts' Explain Dumbing Down”

  1. “What’s liberating about Islam is that one is spared from having to think”

    Ali Sina, ex-Muslim page 254 (vers. #2)

    “…Muslims’ thoughts reflect those of Muhammad and their actions mirror his. The moment one becomes a Muslim, one stops thinking. Muslims have lost their selfhood and have become clones of Muhammad. It is a fallacy to say Muslims are a diverse group of people. They are all mini replicas of their prophet.”

  2. Susan Carland gets the best answers to the meaning of life from Islam? And she is a uni lecturer??? One has to question which Qur’an she’s been reading. And, from first glance there’s absolutely no indication that David is a Muslim – how convenient for him. He won’t be getting any personal attacks from haters on the streets like the women in hijab.

    All of these people have clearly not investigated the history of Islam or a truthful biography of Muhammad. They would discover how evil, violent and destructive their religion is.

    “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.” Qur’an 8:12

    Susan, David, Stacey – this is from your “religion of peace”

  3. I wonder what they will think of Islam once they find out they have been duped and played like slobbering fools whilst facing our fathers judgement. I hear many wrongfully say it isn’t about Christianity, but I, for the love of arguing say it most certainly is. Every thing we allow within our lives play up to our fundamental faiths and belief systems, we cannot escape that…and Islam cannot coexist with Christianity, we might of them, but Islam will never allow us to be free with our choice of religious identity’s. But this is where I quit being nice, when you have creatures who are selling a cult as a hug me hold me understand me I love you lie, then you have officially begun to sell the idea of suicide by Islam, because that’s exactly what Islam is, it’s death and at its door is Apollyon and he will consume them, especially for selling what should not be sold to the innocent? The United States isn’t far from this very mindset and to find the truth of that, one doesn’t have to look far, and New York has become a beacon for Islam, what better sales persons can Islam have than that of it’s own victims…
    Welcome to death!

  4. There is something disingenuous about Susan Carland. Her explanation about how she came to Islam and what it means are always sterile, and skirt around the real issue.

    Any religion that actively advocates the killing of people (especially one’s children) should be deeply questioned and avoided.

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