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PRO-NRW activists were badly beaten up by a bunch of Muselmaniacs while hanging placards in  Duisburg/Germany. There was a demo planned for yesterday in front of the mosque, but we haven’t heard how that went yet.

Major Police Raids

Salafist Organization Banned in Germany

Some 1,000 German police in seven states raided facilities belonging to ultra-conservative Salafist organizations on Thursday, as the Interior Ministry announced that one such group has been banned. Authorities are concerned about the growing numbers of violence-prone Salafists in the country. more…

Conference in Kabul

Germany Calls for More Chinese and Russian Aid in Afghanistan

Tough call. The Russians & the Chinese have no dog in this fight. And knowing that all aid goes down the sinkhole why should they waste it on ungrateful thieves?

Many in the West feel that China and Russia should be contributing more to stability in Afghanistan. German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle plans to demand more from Beijing and Moscow at a conference starting Thursday in Kabul. But he’ll likely get little more than empty promises. By Matthias Gebauer more…

Climate Change or Tectonic Shifts?

Germans are the biggest believers in junk science, after Australians of course:

The Mystery of the Sinking South Pacific Islands

Environmentalist organizations have used images from South Pacific islands to illustrate the disastrous effects of rising sea levels. But a group of French researchers has found that the problem is much more complicated: The islands are also being pulled under by shifting tectonic plates. By Gerald Traufetter more… [ Forum ]

Photo Gallery:    Rising Seas or Sinking Islands?

Israeli  Submarines: