"Interfaith Groups Serve the Interests of Shaitan"

“Interfaith Groups Serve Shaitan”

Sheikh Abdullah al-Farsi doesn’t beat around the bush: no harmony with kafirs!

 “Our Obligation is to Hate the Kafir”

“Islamic Rules”- Muslim Interfaith & Outreach in South Africa

Muslim Interfaith Outreach via BCF

“More than 70 students were kicked out of dormitories in a South Coast college for refusing to follow Islamic customs and rules, The Mercury reported on Thursday.

Management at the Coastal As-Salaam campus, in Braemar near Umzinto, allegedly forced students in the dormitories to study the Qur’an and wear Muslim clothes. They were reportedly not allowed to carry bibles inside the premises.”

One thought on “"Interfaith Groups Serve the Interests of Shaitan"”

  1. Interfaith meetings happen, in the shadows, all over this great country.

    Watch what happens when we try to bring a camera in to video tape the meeting. All hell breaks out and the cameraman is threatened by one of the interfaith regular attendees.

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