"Islam is growing like Wildfire in Australia"

Yowza, yowza, yowza:

“We will outbreed you with the bellies of our women” update. A muselmaniac tries his best mathematical skillz  and tells us how its gonna be:

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Masha’allah it really does,Our Lebonese ,Afghans and Pakistani brothers are dedicated to bring the light of Islam to dark Australia.My brother Arif is having 9 kids in Melbourne,soon each boy would marry 9 Australian girls and make 9 kids from all which takes the number 9.9 +18=99 ,which means my brother Arif would make 99 Muslims in 20 years,now there’re millions of muslims in Australia and 99% increase in our population plus less interest of Anglos in marrying and making kids reduce their population by 10% ,hence our population would further grow as many of our sisters with Australian citizenship would marry our brothers from their respective countries which further increase our immigrant population,many of the frustrated White guys are witnessing the light of islam through our sisters which further increase our number,masha’allah Australia would be a Muslim majority nation in few years,christians and Hindus would be screwed by our brothers inshahallah.

I took a screenshot, this one was too good to be missed:

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5 thoughts on “"Islam is growing like Wildfire in Australia"”

  1. The usual disturbed rantings from a group that want everything, but can contribute nothing to any society apart from their own perversion of the concept.

  2. Depressing, we are paying for our own destruction. They are such a depressing group of people; ugly belief system. I don’t suppose that he has considered that a majority Muslim Australia will mean they have turned this great nation into a cesspool. Look at all the other muslim nations – cesspools.

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