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  1. @fargo,

    Where is the racism? Islam is not a race. It is a religious and cultural choice, albeit one in a perpetual state of arrested development.

    Please provide an example?

  2. my point is that islam does not advocate or encourage cousin marriage , The holy sermons of the Prophet Mohammad Hadith state that”close marriages will often produce weak children.”
    On the other hand, marriage outside the social unit results in the propagation of influence in a bigger population.
    in the middle east , the custom of consanguineous marriage results from cultural and historical, rather than religious reasons.

    not to mention that the impact of ” inbreeding ” is exaggerated , the chances of a woman older than 40 having a genetically defective child are higher than a cousin-couple having one .

    einstein married his first cousin for f***’s sake .

    cousin marriage is not common in two of the most populated muslim countries : indonesia and malysia .
    so the ” they ” ” inbreed ” ” may evolve ” is not anti-islam statement, it’s merely a racial slur towards arabs .

    1. Fargo sez:

      “The holy sermons of the Prophet Mohammad Hadith state that”close marriages will often produce weak children.”

      Chapter & verse please.

      “Nothing to do with Islam” crapola is as absurd as the old “out of context” chestnut.

      “impact of ” inbreeding ” is exaggerated”– as long as well meaning infidels foot the bill?

      Thanks but no thanks.

      “einstein married his first cousin for f***’s sake ”

      There is no Mohammedan Einstein and there will never be one. Apart from that, did Einstein breed retards for religious reasons?

      Indonesia and Malaysia are relative newcomers to the perverted, all-consuming madness of Islam. They haven’t entirely replaced their Hindu-Buddhist origins with the insane replacement theology of the meshugga profit pretender of the Arabs.

      Take your “racial slurs against Arabs” and stick them in your pubic hair.

      Race has nothing to do with it.

  3. fargo i think you have a point. until recently some european countries still had cousin marriages. But this is becoming less common now whereas in islamic countries and non islamic countries with muslim populations it continues to occur. A third of all muslim births in the uk has issues. Also indonesia is becoming more extreme, as is malaysia. The result will be more cousin marriges if we look at older more established muslim communities like s.a, blah blah. I think the photos show the lack of progress in islamic countries. even research done in muslim univesites shows that literacy and research in muslim countries lag the west. Whilst islam continues to hate other people and religions-it’s in your book- this comparison will continue because it is true. Islam hates eveything and everybody. Shiites kill Sunnis wo kill shiites. look at syria blah blah. It has become boring listening to muslims now for they just complain and they are killing each other and others. Yes I know the usa have a hand in it too. Sadly i think because of saudi oil.

  4. fargo,
    Why is raising an issue about these people racist??? It is not racist!! And there is a significant problem with marriage and reproduction within the family. The statistics you quote are incorrect – you should try and understand the real research not what your idiot iman tells you. As regards indonesia – although marriages within the family may not be common the influence of the arabs will ensure that the practise does become common. In end effect hktony has outlines the problem correctly – and it is called islam. Your response to this webpage is both uncalled for and idiotic – you cannot refute the claim the islam arrests the mental development of thise who follow it, and you cannot refute the claim that muslims openly use violence against other.

  5. And fargo, if you want to hear racial slurs I suggest that you learn arabic and then you will hear what your arabs call non-arabs – no very pleasant actually, especially if the person is black. Go educate yourself before commenting again.

  6. Re the following story:


    I make a somewhat alarmist conclusion.

    Over the last days three or more fatalities have occurred as a consequence of hit-and-run accidents in Sydney and environs. As this is a strong statistical outlier I suggest that all of those who can monitor the mohmmedan websites and collect any possible evidence for mohammedan involvement. While there may be no connection, it is difficult to believe this given the current state of mohammedan affairs and their anger at not being able to impose their collective will on us. Given that mohammedans in France think that murdering three Jewish children was OK, it entirely possible that these creeps are now conducting more open warefare on us. Please pass any information you collect onto the Australia Federal Police and your local police – both are necessary as both organisations appear to have been infiltrated by mohammadans and their supporters. Note I am arguing that while a strong argument exists that says mohammedans are involved, this is only based on logical argument which does NOT constitute proof. The accidents may just be accidents – but keep an open mind.

  7. sheikyermami, you’re an idiot . you don’t even merit a serious response ,they were right about you on loonwatch . so much for ” 40 years ” of islam scholarship .

    ““Nothing to do with Islam” crapola is as absurd as the old “out of context” chestnut. ”

    so is the “‘ let’s take every single thing wrong in the middle east / north africa / south asia and blame it on islam ” .

    “Do not marry within the family [i.e., cousins], since the child would be born thin and weak.”
    “Marry outside the family, lest the offspring be thin and weak.” [Ibn Hajar, Talkhis al-Habir] umar ibn al khatab .

    cousin marriage was highly discouraged , islam can’t take the blame for this one .
    2012 study about how the effects of cousin marriage were exaggerated .

    “There is no Mohammedan Einstein and there will never be one”

    what does this have to do with anything ? the point is that some of the smartest men in mankind history chose to marry their cousins .. and not just einstein … darwin too .

    and avicenna ? al khawarizmi ? dosen’t ring a bell ?

    1. fargo,

      do us a favour and stay with loon watch.

      You mentioned Einstein to justify inbreeding, not me.

      Yes, that “2012 study about how the effects of cousin marriage were exaggerated” is the ultimate science on inbreeding because you like that some wakademic dimbulb in western Australia supports it. How else can we ever reduce humanity to an IQ of room temperature?

      Isn’t it amazing how many useful idiots in wakademia are ready and willing to give their blessings to any perversion as long as they get paid for it?

      And everyone knows that Avicenna and Khawarizmi discovered America, Australia, coffee and nuclear science….

      Where would we be without mohammedanism?

      I guess we would all be idiots like you and your fellow loons from loon watch!

    2. Did the Prophet Discourage Marrying Cousins?

      The short answer is that there are certain narrations that discourage marrying cousins, yet experts of hadith verification have determined them to be extremely weak or fabricated.

      As a legal ruling however, marrying one’s cousin is completely lawful in Islam, based on the Qur’an, Noble Sunna, and scholarly consensus (ijma`).

      The categories of women one is forbidden to marry are clearly delineated in the Qur’an (see 4:22-24), and one’s cousin is not listed there.
      Moreover, it is well-known that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) married off his daughter Fatima to Sayyidina Ali, who was the Prophet’s cousin (Allah be pleased with them both).
      And the Prophet himself (peace and blessings be upon him) married his first cousin, Zaynab bint Jahsh (Allah be pleased with her), as she was the daughter of the Prophet’s paternal aunt Umaymah.

      And Sheik yer’mami knows best!

  8. Fargo go take a long walk off a short peir, hopefully you meet some of those asylum seekers at the bottom of the ocean

  9. @Fargo,

    Although, Jay gave you the best advice.

    hktony, Sheik and kaw were succinct in their reply and there really is not too much more to add, but….

    In the year 2012, do you really want to defend the position of inbreeding through a questionable defense of a backwards institution like, familial intermarriage that results into deformative offspring, all so you can maintain the belief that you are morally superior and right?

    Your example of Einstein as an western analogy is weak and faulty. Einstein never went on to reproduce with his wife/cousin Elsa. Furthermore, just because he married his cousin does not make it any less repellent or correct, then a Pakistani peasant or a member of the Saudi Royal family inbreeding within their own family subgroup.

    No one said anything about Arabs. The only people who specifically brought up the ‘Arabs’ was you. So, you could justify your self-righteous rant and a false position.

    Who cares what Loonwatch has to say, they only person here who attributes any value on them is you.

  10. Fargo you need to go take a long walk off a short pier. What part of “Islam is not a race” don’t you freaking understand. Cousin incest is against the law. Grow a brain.

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