Jihadis 'not terrorists' claims 'Islamic 'scholar'

 “Australian Fed’s are the ‘real terrorists'”-  because they are scaring Muslims to obey the law of the kafirs and prevent them from waging jihad,  or something…..

JIHAD is not the same as terrorism but the opposite – it is the war on terrorism, a visiting Islamic scholar told a large Muslim meeting in Melbourne last night.

“Inner Struggle” tosh from Barney Zwartz

”The Australian Federal Police are the jihadi element of the Australian government – they are trying to maintain law and order,” Brother Imran told a largely Arab audience that overflowed the Sidney Myer Asia Centre at Melbourne University into two upper floors with large screens.

”People who try to keep law and order are jihadis, and people who try to break it are terrorists,” Brother Imran said.

Even when muselmaniacs try to be funny it sounds absurd.

”Extremist elements are wrongly calling themselves jihadis, and that is confusing everyone.”

The seminar – ‘‘Jihad and terrorism: are they the same”? – was organised by the Islamic Research and Educational Academy, with the support of some of Melbourne’s more conservative Muslim groups, traditionally more wary of integrating, including Sheikh Mohammed Omran’s Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah and the Islamic Information and Services Network of Australia.

Preston Mosque, the Islamic Council of Victoria and several other Islamic groups also supported the seminar.

Brother Imran, an Indian Muslim from Hyderabad, said some media helped created misconceptions among Muslims and about Muslims.

Most Muslims got news from hearsay rather than direct investigation, but the Koran clearly instructed people to verify news before they reacted, he said.

Some just don’t get the message:

Brother Imran said Australian Muslims must follow Australian laws and obey Australian authorities, and that it was safer and more comfortable to be a Muslim in Australia than it was in most countries.

But he said Australian authorities should not treat Muslims as more suspicious than other groups because that created misconceptions inside and outside the community and made Muslims defensive.

Brother Imran said there were 1565 terrorist attacks in Europe between 2007 and 2010, of which only six were carried out by Muslims.

More than 1400 were by Irish groups, he said.

Greg Barton, of Monash University’s Global Terrorism Research Centre, told the meeting it was important to distinguish between individuals who used violence for political causes and the wider community on whose behalf they claimed to act.

Professor Barton told The Age he spoke as an academic and a Christian, because it was important for this audience – many of whom did not have much contact with the wider community and tended to believe the world prejudged Muslims – to see that Christians were sympathetic.

Organiser Wasim Razvi said he wanted to reach lay Muslims, not just leaders, and that all the groups involved had strong followings.

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/jihadis-not-terrorists-scholar-20120624-20wjy.html#ixzz1z39r0VFo

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