King’s Church Manchester to host cleric who thinks converts to Christianity deserve death

Cultural Enrichment From Arabia?

 Sounds Like Dumping a Truckload of Camel Dung on a Church.

It’s hysterical the way that lunatics who pronounce on the desirability of death as a punishment for apostasy are labelled ’scholars’.

This Saturday, King’s Church Manchester will be hosting Muhammad Musa Al-Shareef, a Saudi cleric who believes that Muslim converts to Christianity should be killed for abandoning Islam, and that human rights are an invention of “the Christians, the atheists and the fornicators“.  (Harry’s Place)


Wow, that was close:

“For example, the issue of apostasy in Islam. One who apostatizes from Islam is to be killed. Some say Abu Hanifah said an apostate should be imprisoned but the majority of scholars are of the view that an apostate must be killed. So we should not be ashamed of this Islamic ruling. Man is free to adopt the religion he wants. But a Muslim is not free to be a disbeliever. Simply, this is a divine ruling that we should apply proudly.”

More absurdities and deja vue:


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