Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood Top Dog Tareq Al-Suwaidan is a Close Buddy of Genocidal Salah Sultan from Egypt

In some circles one would say birds of a feather flock together. Here we have serious  Islamic headbangers  challenging the pavement.

Tareq Al-Suwaidan is not a widely-recognized name among jihadis for most Americans, but he is certainly making a name for himself in Islamist circles.  (The Blaze)

 Here with Dr. Salah Sultan, the radical cleric and Muslim Brotherhood member who, on al-Jazeera, recently called for the murder of “every Zionist who enters Egypt?”

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) introduces the man:

Tareq Al-Suwaidan, 58, is a prominent Kuwaiti Islamist preacher and a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait, as well as a popular Islamic motivational speaker and TV preacher; he earns more than $1 million a year from his talks and TV shows.  His CD “Lives of the Prophets” has sold well over two million copies.

Al-Suwaidan has strong ties to the West, from attending high school and college and residing in the U.S. to preaching to large audiences in the U.K. and Canada, as well as in Australia – where he is visiting June 9-18, to speak in Melbourne and Sydney.  He speaks to Western audiences at venues such as Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar; his followers and his audiences in the West range from groups of recent converts to Islam to fundraising events for major Muslim American organizations.  He frequently supports Western and U.S. Muslim organizations.  While Al-Suwaidan’s speeches and remarks in English are often moderate, in Arabic he often espouses extremist ideas.

An unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation, according to MEMRI, Suwaidan lived in the United States for 17 years.  One of the things he took from the United States, apparently, is an affinity for social media.

Here he is threatening Danes and Norwegians over the Motoons:

You can see the hatred dripping from his mouth. This is a meltdown, he ‘demands’ respect, and he threatens the  Danish infidels that if they don’t pass a law  against freedom of speech 1.5 gazillion Islamic lunatics will become suicide bombers and kill us all, or something…….

One thought on “Kuwaiti Muslim Brotherhood Top Dog Tareq Al-Suwaidan is a Close Buddy of Genocidal Salah Sultan from Egypt”

  1. Oh how I wish some of these mealy mouthed politicians would make return demands – such as “you insult our women, calling them whores and ‘kufir’, saying they are deficient in intelligence and you insult all our citizens with your lies about Jews! When are you going to do something about it?”
    Christians could start screaming that they are insulted when muslims claim Jesus was not divine!

    Since there is so much that these people say and do, which we find insulting, surely a little comeback would be possible?

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