Crocodile tears for Burma’s invading Muslim hordes:

As always with Muselmaniacs, there is much hyperbole and projection:

“Rohingya fear the latest bloodshed in Burma will lead to their extermination”

I have a hounding suspicion that the Buddhists of Burma have had enough with the Muselmanic expansion program from  Bengali Koranimals who have been invading them over many years and caused them nothing but grief.

A Muslim brother in Phuket:

”Muslims are burning Buddhist houses and Buddhists are burning Muslim houses,” he said. ”The difference is that when a Buddhist burns a Muslim house, nothing is done.When a Muslim burns a Buddhist house, he gets shot.”

Muslim invaders went on a jihad and burned over 400 houses of Burmese Buddhists. About 20 Muslims got killed and now the soldiers of allah are whining about ‘extermination?’ Make no mistake: the ulema in Shittagong and in Dhaka know very well what went down here; and they have no interest in welcoming their people back to a country which is already ruined by Islam. They will use this as a political football for future grievances to extort concessions. That, in a nutshell, is how  the ‘underdog’ card is played against the unbelievers, with appeals to their humanity, with appeals to ‘justice’, to right ‘oppression’ and we will see, sooner or later that they will get their way.

If their Muslim brothers don’t care for them, why should we?

Myanmar’s Rohingya forced back to sea

Rohingya Muslims fleeing violence reached Bangladesh after days at sea, only to be turned away by border guards.

Thousands of Muslims have been escaping from Myanmar after dozens were killed in religious violence.

They are fleeing attacks in Rakhine state by the Buddhist majority. Many have tried to reach Bangladesh, where their ancestors are from.

However, some Rohingya who reached Bangladesh by boat were turned away by the border guards, who gave them a bottle of water and some food, and forced them back to sea, despite appeals from the UN.

Al Jazeera’s Will Jordan reports.

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