Obama's Kiss of Death

“Radical Islamic Nightmare” 

Rep. Allen West decried the Egyptian presidential election results as proof that the Arab Spring is a “radical Islamic nightmare.”

West said that the correct response to the election results was to reaffirm support for “Coptic Christians and Israel” and to cut off foreign aid to Egypt.

At least they are “moderates” and “largely secular”:

 The profits beard:

  • Major Nidal Hasan’s Beard-(FrontPage Magazine)  –The Ft. Hood massacre Jihadist just wants the world to see that he is a devout Muslim. Let him.

“Hey, people die…”

Juan Williams Shills for Obama Regime on Fast & Furious– that guy certainly deserves the asshole of the month award, but then who is Juan Williams?

Sydney Moonbat Daniel Flitton:

Getting there: