Our 'best friend' Kuwait: remember when we went to war for these A-soles?

“Growing threats to religious minorities” discovered!

Interfaith dialogue and harmony is on the Rise in Kuwait (not really)

 Does anyone remember these  cute “little babies dying in incubators”-stories?
Thanks to Mullah

Religious intolerance is on the rise even in Kuwait, perhaps America’s best friend in the Arab world.

Until now Christians have worshipped freely in the Persian Gulf state. However, growing threats to religious minorities reflect public attitudes which could undermine the heretofore close U.S.-Kuwait relationship.

Saudi Arabia long has promoted the worst forms of religious intolerance. Spiritual liberty simply doesn’t exist. The country is essentially a totalitarian state.

But hey, its all good: our media moguls are over there polishing the door-knobs of al Waleeds palace in the hope of getting a slice of his new al Jizz empire that is to beam Sowdi Barbarian Musel-prop into American living rooms…….
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