Senator Gary Humphries wants 10-year Muslim immigration ban

Senator wants Muslim immigration ban

Unfortunately, this is dating back to 15 February, 2011, so I guess it went down the memory hole.

“Naturally, the petition angered many members of the Muslim community”.

A call for a ten year ban on Muslim immigration to Australia from Senator Gary Humphries has everyone talking. David Oldfield on the controversial petition and the call for changes to our immigration policy. Have Your Say!

Senator Barnaby Joyce tells Michael Smith he’d ban all immigration, and responds to the petition from Senator Gary Humphries for a ten year ban on Muslim immigration - Listen to Interview Here

Long overdue.. We don’t need any more of this disgusting death-cult in our country.

No, people smugglers are not like “Oskar Schindler”

Being conned by people smugglers?— the do-gooders self-delusion is stunning.

Updates from Andrew Bolt:

A very kind review process lets them stay

The real problem turns out to be a review process that’s unusually lenient:

ALMOST two-thirds of asylum-seekers were found not to be genuine refugees and refused protection visas after initial screenings last financial year.– More here.

Doors open, crooks and illegals enter

How slack is the Immigration Department’s checking of the stories of the thousands of “asylum seekers” now pouring in, having destroyed their identity documents?

More evidence that our weak border laws are being exploited by fraudsters:

PEOPLE-SMUGGLERS who have fraudulently obtained refugee status are operating inside Australia – and the federal government has been aware of the practice for a long time.

Who is minding the door?

A second “refugee” turns out to be a people smuggler, too, exploiting our open border and slack detention.

Amid the fallout from Monday night’s allegations, people-smuggling sources in Jakarta told The Australian that a second alleged smuggler, an ethnic Hazara with Pakistani citizenship and known in Jakarta as Haji Muhammad, also arrived at Christmas Island in January on a boat he organised for the purpose.

Miranda Devine sums up beautifully:

… how did alleged people smuggling kingpin Captain Emad manage to snare refugee status for himself, his wife and three children, after living the high life in Jakarta and Malaysia for years.

How did he manage to be released from detention after a couple of months, compared with two to three years served by others?

How did his wife and three adult children manage to get a nice free house each on public housing?

And are the authorities going to do anything about it?

Four Corners can reveal Captain Emad then set up base in Canberra. His wife, three adult children and their dependents all got refugee status as well – using different names from those they used in Malaysia and Indonesia. Captain Emad’s wife lives in Kaleen, while his daughters live in Lyneham and Dunlop. His son lives in Hawker. The adults were all provided with public housing.

Your taxes at work.

One thought on “Senator Gary Humphries wants 10-year Muslim immigration ban”

  1. So, the Aussies are creating a two tier immigration system like the UK and the US.

    Why not, it’s gerrymandering at it’s best and they can claim they are doing it foe the betterment of society with a bogus moral facade. But, hey, why not give it a go. It worked for Tony Blair.

    However, what is frustrating is that an illegal can come into the US and with 24hrs, qualify for social welfare. Whilst, the legitimate immigrant has to jump through hoops to get in, medically, financially etc. and then sign an agreement that prohibits them for claiming any benefits from the state. before they can get the green light.

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