Shrillary: Iranian People Love Me

Last time I checked the ‘Iranian people’  were screaming ‘death to Amrikiiee’ and ‘death to the Jooozzz’.

Did you  know the mullah’s had a liking for fat-assed elderly lesbians in ugly pants suits?

Please move…there…now…and be their Secretary of Collapse.


One thought on “Shrillary: Iranian People Love Me”

  1. As expected, the miltary authorities of Myanamr have now started eradicating the muslim thugs from whose midst the gruesome rape and murder of a Buddhist woman was undertaken. Incidentally, the Bangladesh authorities do not want these thugs back either and are sending them back into Myanmar at the point of a gun.

    While the Myanmar authorities are rather brutal, perhaps we can learn something from them wrt the issue of unwanted muslim infestation.

    An important point is that these muslims are Rohingas – and these violent thugs are the same group that gizzard and co are trying to foist onto Australia. I personally support the government of Myanmar in their endeavour to kep their people safe from the mindless violence of the rohingas.

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