Sydney Sheik Yahya Safi: 'Homo Marriage is Not an Issue in Islam'

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Of course not. Polygamy, child marriage and genital mutilation rank much higher on their agenda.

Sheik Yahya Safi, head imam at Lakemba mosque, said same-sex marriage wasn’t an issue in the Islamic community.

A LEADING Sydney Muslim cleric has weighed into the same-sex marriage debate, claiming it is rare to find a gay Muslim.

Sheik Yahya Safi, head imam at Lakemba mosque, said same-sex marriage wasn’t an issue in the Islamic community: “In Islam we believe it’s a major sin to have such relations between men and men, a sexual relation,” he said. “We don’t discuss this because it’s obvious.”

Sheik Safi’s comments come after the Salvation Army apologised for comments by a leading church official that homosexuals deserved to die.

Among the  soldiers of allah you can find the highest number of homosexuals in the world.  Those who are familiar with Islamic mores are familiar with the rank  hypocrisy; as long as one is married and has children one cannot be accused.

Those who flaunt their homosexuality openly can get themselves into a whole lot of trouble. But don’t  take my word for it: ask Ahmadinejad. Or ask the anus-glue  brigades in Iraq what they do to homosexuals.

Be that as it may, lets take a look at  how Muslims practice ‘diversity’

The X-Rated Paradise of Islam

Homosexuality was and is widely practised in Islamic conutries.

To please the homosexuals among his followers he promised them pre-pubescent boys in Paradise. So after committing plunder, loot, rape and murder in this life, the followers of Islam get “rewarded” by untouched virginal youths who are fresh like pearls.

The relevant verses from the Koran are:  Koran 52:24   

Round about them will serve, to them, boys (handsome) as pearls well-guarded.Koran 56:17Round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness.Koran 76:19  And round about them will serve boys of perpetual freshness: if thou seest them, thou wouldst think them scattered pearls.

As mentioned in my previous article, famous poets in Arabia glorified homosexuality. As an example I am including a poem in ‘Perfumed Garden’ by Abu Nuwas:

O the joy of sodomy! So now be sodomites, you Arabs. Turn not away from it–therein is wondrous pleasure.Take some coy lad with kiss-curlstwisting on his temple and ride as he stands like some gazellestanding to her mate. A lad whom all can see girt with sword and belt not like your whore who has to go veiled. Make for smooth-faced boys and do your very best to mount them, for women are the mounts of the devils.

Need I say anything more after this colorful rendition by Abu Nuwas ?

In the true tradition of the Slave Trading Paedophile Prophet, Paedophilia is celebrated condoned and widely practiced by his modern day followers the victims been male and female of any age.


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  1. Thursday, 28 June 2012
    Nice doesn’t get laughs, especially at the UN

    (with ‘apologies’ to Adam Carolla)

    I often wondered why so many gay people cannot, or will not, see the threat posed to their liberties by Islam. For goodness sake, all one has to do is look at the state of gays and lesbians (and the transgendered) inside the Islamic gulag and listen to the idiotic pronouncements of Islamist politicians in order to gain a pretty good idea of exactly what the average Muslim thinks of gay people.

    If you go to this site – – and watch the webcast from the United Nations that you can find there, you will see yet another face of intolerant Islam in Egypt.

    According to the transcription of Egypt’s Human Rights Council’s chief diplomat’s remarks, he stated the universal right to free association does not apply to gay people and that gay people do not warrant any protection under any human rights legislation for they are not “real people”

    Omar Shalaby also said at the meeting in Geneva: “We call on Mr Kiai [UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of peaceful assembly and association] not to undermine the credibility and legitimacy of his important work in the eyes of the real people who actually need it…” once again implying that gay people are not real people.

    He went on to say “Finally, concerning the highly controversial notion of sexual orientation, we can only reiterate that it is not part of the universally recognised human rights.”

    I don’t know what’s controversial about the idea of sexual orientation. Most scientists working in the field of human sexuality have long agreed that sexuality differs from person to person in a huge variety of ways and it seems to me that Mr. Shalaby is simply trying to rewrite science and knowledge in the usual despicable Islamist way. Muslims are adept at trying to rewrite history and obviously anything else that contradicts their crazy world-view, including science, is fair game.

    Gay Cairo ( have this to say about the current situation for gay men in Egypt: “You may be aware that both the state security and sex police in Cairo are engaged in a vicious campaign to imprison and intimidate gay men. Their tactics are constantly changing. Please be careful and don’t become a victim. Although, to our knowledge, discreet gay foreigners have usually been able to avoid arrest, the state’s future actions are highly unpredictable”. Indeed they are.

    One cannot say, of course, that gay people were much better off under Mubarak’s government; they wern’t, excepting in one crucial respect: before 2001 and the marked rise of Islamo-fascism in Egypt there was very slightly less organised, state-wide, deliberate persecution of gay people under Mubarak, it was all just a bit more casual and haphazard and often politically motivated and if one knew someone in authority then one could frequently ‘buy’ immunity, as it were. However, the state began to target gays and lesbians (and the transgendered as well) much more seriously from about 2001 despite the fact that there is no criminal law against being gay in Egypt (though that is now sure to change).

    It is now an established fact that the Islamic countries of the world have hijacked many UN Committees in an attempt to impose grossly offensive Islamic notions on the whole world. Such actions have rendered the Human Rights Committee incapable of even uttering a single word of support for gay, lesbian or transgendered people and, indeed have led to this disgusting speech by the Egyptian representative passing the Committee unchallenged. We have seen the same tactic used successfully against Israel at the UN and you can rest assured that gays and Israel are only the first two in what will turn out to be a very long list of things that the Islamists will target there.

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