Taliban suicide bomber in burqa blows up 4 French soldiers to prove that burqas should be banned…..

How do they know he was not a she?  Are they allowed to look under the burqa? How do they know he was a Taliban and not a community organiser?  Questions questions…….

Puff Ho:  Bomber Disguised As Woman Wearing Burqa Kills 4 French Troops

New Muslim elected French socialist prez throws the towel:

Francois Hollande says troop withdrawal from Afghanistan to begin in July, as four killed by suicide bomber in Kapisa.

These are the first French deaths since January 20, when an Afghan soldier fired on unarmed French trainers, killing five and wounding 15.

With the latest deaths, France has now lost 87 troops in Afghanistan.

“Unfortunate Incident”

“It was an unfortunate incident. There was a patrol of coalition soldiers in a small bazaar and they were attacked by a suicide bomber wearing a burka,” said Sediq Sediqqi, Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman. (more ‘unfortunate incidents’ here)

In other news:

Shitties strike back against righteous Sunni muslims:

Actually, oddly enough, it appears to have been the work of Shi’ite jihadists. “Bomb kills eight at Pakistani madrassa,” from AFP, June 6 (thanks to JW):

I’m looking forward to the ‘backlash’

A bomb attack killed at least eight people and wounded more than 20 others outside a Pakistani madrassa in the troubled southwestern city of Quetta on Thursday, police said.