"The Church of England Battles the Israeli Satan"

Not sure who is behind this, but it stinks to high heaven. I suspect the arch-lunatic of Canterbury and the defender of the ‘faiths’, the idiot prince who talks to plants and loves Islam, are supporting this. We shall see.

Church of England to come out in support of the genocidal jihad against Israel

The Church of England is about to cover itself with shame. What do these trendy, politically correct Leftist divines think will happen if the Palestinian jihadists they support win the day? The bloodletting in Israel in that event would be a new Holocaust. But the Anglican clerics would probably sip their tea and say, “Well, they had it coming…”

“The Church of England Battles the Israeli Satan,” by Giulio Meotti for Israel National News, June 25 via JW:

A resolution calling for “non violent actions to end the occupation” of Israel will be discussed by the Church of England’s General Synod at its meeting next month.The motion is being proposed by John Dinnen, a Synod member who already backed an attempt to force the Church to divest from companies said to be “profiting from Israel’s occupation”.

We have seen this before.

Precursors to the Anglicans

The Anglican Friends of Israel, a small but brave group of Christian members who oppose the attacks against Israel, declared that an eventual approval by the Church’s synod would be like “adopting the ‘Nakba’ agenda”.


6 thoughts on “"The Church of England Battles the Israeli Satan"”

  1. Whenever I read of a ‘church’ that is against Israel, all I can think of is that they don’t read their bible.

  2. Another so called church shows its true colours at the end of times and proves behond a shadow of a doubt that it has become part of babylon and is part of the seed of satan. good thing we get to know now so as to be able to avoid it like the plague.

    The Infidel

  3. Aussie-John (and everyone): the word is Bible, with a capital “B”. What is it? is it political correctness which has removed the capital “B”?

  4. PJG,

    Just an internet caps lock error…
    The Bible is the Word of God, and it outlines the world’s future with Israel at the centre of future events.
    Sorry to offend you.

  5. Aussie-John,
    Thanks. But I don’t get “offended.” I’ll leave that for other chaps. I just get “annoyed”. So watch out!!

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