Democracy: For Arabs, Free Elections Means One Man, One Vote, One Sharia


Obama’s Legacy: Sharia should be “main” source of Libya legislation “not be subject to a referendum”Libya’s top politicians have hatched a deal that would see the Muslim Brotherhood lead the government after the country’s first free elections in almost five decades takes place on Sunday.

Egypt’s New Parliament
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 ‘I Will Kill You, You Are Dirt’: Egypt‘s Coptic Christians Live in Fear as Islamist Gov’t Takes Control

Now that Mohammed Morsi has won the presidential election and secured the throne of power, Coptic Christians are fearing for their future. To counter the influence that Islamists will have in parliament and through the presidency, they have launched the Christian Brotherhood as a counterbalance of sorts. Al Arabiya has more

The Muslim Brotherhood has been the focus of international angst since gaining power in Egypt, among other nations. Fears over theocratic plans that could further destabilize international relations and spawn greater internal strife have led to guarded reactions from Western nations and Egyptian minority groups, alike. Now, Coptic Christians, who have suffered already at the hands of extremists, are launching their own counter movement — the Christian Brotherhood.–Read More »

More valor from the valiant warriors of jihad. “Car bomb kills seven, wounds 20 in central Iraq: police,” from Reuters, July 6


Salafi clerics back death for journalist who called for sexual freedom

 Three of Morocco’s most prominent conservative clerics have publicly backed a death threat against a journalist who called for greater sexual freedom in the North African kingdom. (ROP)

Hamas identifies itself in its charter as an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, so this should come as a surprise to no one — except, perhaps, those who still believe that a wonderful flowering of Western-style democracy and pluralism has come to Egypt. But the truth will reveal itself soon enough even to them.

“The Muslim Brotherhood will have a significant role to play in post-Mubarak Egypt. And that is good thing [sic].” – Reza Aslan

“Morsy to meet with Haniyeh in August, Maan says,” from Egypt Independent, July 5 (thanks to JW)

Sharia in action: Iraqi women face court-ordered virginity tests

“If it is proved that the woman was not virgin and sought to get married without telling the man, there is no law that protects her.”

Democracy On the March in Brave New Democratic Iraq: “Iraqi women face court-ordered virginity tests,” from AFP, July 1 (thanks to JW):

Iraqi women face court-ordered virginity tests that often show they were virgins until marriage but shame them nonetheless, doctors at an institute that carries out the tests and a lawyer told AFP.Remaining a virgin until marriage can be an issue of life or death for women in the Middle East, where those who are seen as having dishonored the family by having premarital sex are sometimes killed by male relatives.

An average of several virginity tests are performed per day at the Medical Legal Institute (MLI) in Baghdad, in a small windowless room with blue-tiled walls and a black table with leg stirrups at one end….

“Most of the cases we received after the first day of marriage,” said Dr. Munjid al-Rezali, the director of the MLI.

“The husband claim that she is not a virgin, and then the family brings her here, through the courts, this all come through the courts, and we examine her,” Rezali said, speaking in English.

It’s not uncommon, we are seeing a lot,” he added.

The tests include examination of the woman’s hymen, but the man involved may also come under scrutiny.

The man may be tested for impotency, Rezali said, noting that in some cases, a man with erectile dysfunction may pretend the woman was not a virgin to hide his shame.

The results of the tests go directly to the courts, and are not given by the MLI to the parties involved, Rezali said.

“They think that during the marriage, (the) first day of marriage, there should be blood… they think if there is no blood, there is no virginity,” said Dr. Sami Dawood, a forensic doctor at the MLI who has been involved in the tests.

This belief, he said, indicates that sex education and knowledge is “very poor.”

If a man thinks his new wife is not a virgin, he may take the issue to court, leading to the MLI performing a virginity test, said Dawood.

Asked about the results of the tests, Dawood said that “most of them (are) with the woman, not against the woman, but it is by itself… shaming.”

However, he said that while women were killed in the past if blood was not found on the sheets after their wedding night, people now seek recourse through the courts and the virginity tests procedure.

The test, which takes between 15 and 30 minutes, is carried out by three doctors, at least one of them a woman, and the results are certified by two others, said Dawood, adding that the tests are done only when ordered by a court.

“The judge is required to send the woman for the medical test when she is accused by her husband of not being a virgin, and that is only done in this case,” lawyer Ali Awad Kurdi said.

If it is proved that the woman was not virgin and sought to get married without telling the man, there is no law that protects her,” Kurdi said.

The woman’s family is then required to recompense the man for gifts, money and other expenditures related to the relationship….