Enough! No More Condollleeezzza!

Insanity is when you keep making the same mistake again and again expecting a different out come. Condollleeezzza Rice was a failure then and would be an even greater failure now. Having seen this affirmative action case fail spectacularly under Bush, why, for heavens sake,  would you expect a different outcome now?

How the Drudge Report, With Its Condoleezza Rice ‘Scoop,’ Again Rules the Media

Have we all forgotten  how this clueless, quickly irritated moonbat stepped in front of the microphones when   Newsweep  -wrongly- reported that a Koran was kicked into a toilet in Gitmo, which  caused Muslim riots around the world?

Is there absolutely no journalistic memory of her idiotic, desperate statement that  “Disrespect for the Holy Koran is not now, nor has it ever been, nor will it ever be, tolerated by the United States. We honor the sacred books of all the world’s great religions. Disrespect for the Holy Koran is abhorrent to us all.”

 Oh how I wish I had the video, or at least a voice recording.   Muslim riots? Out goes the first amendment.  Condi was in over her head.

But don’t take my word for it:

“A reliable source has informed me that Condoleeza Rice has approved a new lexicon for State Department usage, absolutely forbidding the use of the terms “jihad” and “jihadist” by any State Department official.” —Robert Spencer

By banning use of the word “Jihad,” Rice made it more difficult the intelligent dissemination of information about Islam. 

Ah yes, and she insisted in calling Hamas  a “resistance group”.

No, this twit was no friend of Israel:  Condi Rice as Mitt’s Veep? Is she so different than Obama on Israeli-Palestinian talks?

Condi Rice & the Bush Administration  (by that time) had nearly seven years to educate itself, and then to help educate those whose duty it is to instruct and to protect, in the nature of Islam, and in the meaning, and instruments, and goals, of Jihad. It has failed completely to do so.

There is just no excuse for her blunders, so full of ignorance and  stupidity that makes me shudder. We should be deeply disturbed that people like Condi are making world policy. She should not hold any position of power, she is simply not capable.

So she is ‘pro-choice?’ Good grief, get over it. That’s the least of what’s wrong with this twat.

Daniel Larison put it this way:

Rice did a lousy job as National Security Adviser and Secretary of State, and she has the unusual distinction of being distrusted and disliked by many neoconservatives, most realists, and all non-interventionists in almost equal measure. She is closely associated with an administration that was widely regarded as incompetent in the conduct of foreign policy, and she helped to craft one of the least successful foreign policy records of any postwar administration. Those are her qualifications in the area in which she is considered an expert.

On everything else, her policy views are either out of step with the majority of her party or unknown, and she has never run for office at any level. Romney certainly needs someone to make up for his lack of foreign policy experience and knowledge, but Rice would be one of the worst conceivable people to have in that role.


11 thoughts on “Enough! No More Condollleeezzza!”

  1. You got it all wrong. Romney needs an idiot for VP just like any president. Someone who can get votes but be shoved aside after the election.
    Look at American history and you will see I am right.
    He either needs a black,and I can think of half dozen who are better than Rice, but they are actually not idiots, or a Hispanic – sorry no one springs to mind but there must be a few in that ethnic group.

  2. I agree, let’s stop using the word jihad – which is Arabic and the tree huggers tells us means ‘inner struggle’ – let us instead use ‘world domination’ or ‘holy war’, which are both good English phases that state what they mean.

    Why give the dhimmies the chance to hoodwink people with foreign terms?

  3. @me- What about Marco Rubio from Florida? For Hispanic votes.

    The vast majority of Hispanics in the US are actually conservative and by and large the legal Hispanics do not like the illegals that come into the US.

  4. Who would be hard up enough to sleep with that monkey???
    Even when Bush was being castigated by the leftist press, Sleeza was made to look good because she was a black. Allah forbid that any ‘never do no wrong black” would be exposed by the ledftards.

  5. In that first picture CR looks like the kid from the cover of MAD magazine with her goofy grin.

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