"Fundamentally Transforming America…"

For the Marxist Muslim in the white house, ‘fundamentally transforming America’ doesn’t mean he will pay your mortgage or put gas in your car. Peggy the moocher was fundamentally misunderstanding the Moonbat Messiah when she enthusiastically declared why she voted for him. The Obamster believes the constitution is ‘deeply flawed’ and wants to do away with the whole thing, starting with the first and second amendment.

That means no free speech and no guns to back it up. What do you think it means when he  says there are ‘folks who cling to their guns and their religion?’ And what do you think it means when a gun-shy leftist journalist asks Obama about gun-laws and he says “we’re working on it, under the radar…?”

Here’s Brian Lilley from Sun TV discussing  the latest efforts by the criminal impostors in the white house to turn America into a Soviet style gulag:

Thanks to Kenny from the TT for this video

If you still don’t get it, check out Van Jones, Obama’s former ‘Green Czar’

Van Jones Describes Utopian ‘Green’ World Where the Unemployed Plant ‘Community Gardens,‘ Put Up ’Solar Panels,’ Work Organic Fields, & are ‘Just Doing Art’–Read More »

“shared prosperity”- as in a world where poverty is shared by everyone.

2 thoughts on “"Fundamentally Transforming America…"”

  1. I just bet Obama wants to do away with the second amendment. Easier to drag people away to reeducation camps.

    Hmm. work in a community gardens? Work Organic fields? Now where have I heard that before?

    As an aside, for the last year the Feds have been arresting Raw Milk farmers and setting up stings against farmers selling directly to the consumer across the US. I guess V. Jones does not mean private organic dairy farms but government state controlled farms.

    The Soviet Union was a failure. Communism was a failure. And the Neocommunist and will fail too.

  2. all these green nuts need to go to island and live with all those green jobs they keep lieing about.don’t get me wrong I don’t think we should dump garbage and junk in our water ways and things like that. but I think they could use some common sense about things and this global warming is a bunch of crap.God will take care of his children and the world we live in if we let him and those that are playing god needs to get a life

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