Hamas, Obama's New Friends & Peace Partners

Why is the Obama administration shunning potential allies and empowering enemies? Why has the administration gotten it wrong everywhere?

If there are “moderate elements,” in Hezbollah, from the perspective of the Obama administration, Hezbollah’s Sunni jihadist counterpart – the Muslim Brotherhood – is downright friendly. (Caroline Glick)

Arab Spring: A Blessing for Hamas

Egypt’s Mursi has put Hamas’s Mashaal on an equal footing with heads of state, thus granting legitimacy not only to the Hamas leader but to its entire movement. Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, has also been officially invited to the Presidential Palace in Cairo. by Khaled Abu Toameh

Rapidly Islamizing Turkey is clearly itching for jihad war against Israel, something that would have been unthinkable just three years ago. And of course, in any sane age the prospect of a jihad mass murderer who glories in the killing of civilians meeting with a head of state, any head of state, as if he were a respectable individual, would have been likewise unthinkable. “Turkish PM, Hamas leader meet,” from Associated Press, July 25 (thanks to JW):

The History and Ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood

It is true that Jihad is not war, because war has a beginning and an end. (Our concept of war, not the Islamic one) Jihad, on the contrary, does not have an end. It does have a beginning, in the days of Muhammad, in the seventh century AD. According to sayings of Muhammad and countless Muslim leaders, Jihad will go on until the Last Day, the Day of Judgment. Jihad, according to Muslim doctrine, never comes to an end.

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