Its okay, they are comedians… or something!

‘Its white peoples independence day’

Far Left Comedian Chris Rock Tweets “Happy White People’s Independence Day”

Yeah, and black folks are oppressed having to live under white man’s law. Can’t wait to live under black ‘law’- that’ll be just beautiful…

“Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks”.

This is the same guy that compared the Tea Party to bratty racist kids who act insane before they go to bed:  Read More

America should’ve picked its own cotton– By 

Bedwetter Harris-Perry: vile, obsessed & deranged

Making a career out of hatin’ whitey. And whitey pays for her stupidity:

MSNBC’s Harris-Perry Marks July 4 By Noting American Imperialism and Genocide

Farts from da tarts, furtz from da turdz:

“Independence Day is more aspirational than actual.”–Read More »
NYT: the Downside of Liberty” 
On Independence Day the New York Times published “the Downside of Liberty” today. If only we were a socialist state.  The New York Times
I guess we need another black president. One Marxist Muslim is not enough.   And yes, there is still GWB Derangement Syndrome going ’round……

What they fought for

Today, many Americans, including President Obama and the mainstream media, protest against the very freedoms for which the Founding Fathers stood. The right to earn one’s own way in the world. The right to keep one’s own money, to build a life for oneself free of government regulation and interference. The right to practice religion free of government compulsion. The right to sell and buy products free of mandates … or taxes … or whatever Obama feels like calling his tyrannical legislation this week.

America’s founding ideals were great ideals, worth preserving. Independence Day celebrates our independence, not just from Britain, but from a form of government that dominates the individual. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are not just words. They are the values for which America stands. 

3 thoughts on “Its okay, they are comedians… or something!”

  1. Then they should leave America if it is so terrible and racist ITO.. Go try living in another culture, besides the western one, if it so very awful. No one is forcing you to stay here.

    Can ya imagine how fast they would return?? lol

  2. I am a white male aged 52 Ive never considered myself a racist and had many friends and relations by marrige who are not caucasian. however with the attitude of ” non racist” many black americans and their” non racist” poisonous comments on ” whitey”. Im finding it increasingly hard not to treat these “non racists” with anything but the utmost contempt and have no respect for them what so ever. They have only one people to blame for our attitude towards them, and thats themselves. Get over the slave thing, it happend long ago and us whiteys arent to blame.Some of my ancesters would have been bonded labour or serfs in england years ago, I dont go around wanting to kill all the english ruling class. Maybe their eating to much halal meat or have anger management issues. Eitherway if these tensions are not resolved soon , lots of people will sadly lose their lives.

  3. Will they ever get over it? Christ. Blacks have so many opportunities. They are the biggest whining fools on earth. If anything, its the whites in the US that are now oppressed by political correctness and idiots like Chris Cock….sorry, Rock

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