Muslims & useful idiots employ Alinsky tactic against mosque opponents in Canberra

Alinsky method:

Destroy the individual!

  “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” (and destroy…)

Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

From the Bunglawussi blog:

The “Christian Zionist” who opposes the mosque must be destroyed:

Canberra: key figure in anti-mosque campaign is Christian Zionist who lives miles away from site

A key figure in the opposition to the Gungahlin mosque is a Christian fundamentalist activist who lives at least 15 kilometres away from the proposed site.

The secretive participants in the campaign against the mosque have consistently told media and government that they are concerned with local planning issues including traffic and noise.

The Canberra Times (anonymous) opinion writer is -of course- a “fair-minded”  supporter of Islamization and and lectures us that  “red herrings and scaremongering suggests the instigators of the group may not be the fair-minded dissenters they claim to be. With the growth of the ACT’s Muslim community over the past decade, there is now a pressing need for a second mosque.”

And another one, and another…..


But The Canberra Times has established that the spokesman for the group “Concerned Citizens of Canberra” describes himself as a pastor with Olive Tree Ministries and hosts fortnightly meetings at a prayer house in Yarralumla.

Irwin Ross, a Higgins resident who lives a 20-minute drive from the proposed mosque site, hosted last Sunday’s closed meeting at Gungahlin Library, but it is unclear whether or not he organised the meeting. The meeting was held after the Concerned Citizens of Canberra distributed anonymous anti-mosque flyers to homes in the northern suburb.

A biography for Mr Ross posted on the website of Canberra’s Christian radio station 1WAYFM says he has ministered in churches in Australia, the Philippines and Russia and has “a passion to teach and preach on the Hebrew roots of Christianity”. Mr Ross hosts fortnightly Passover dinners for a group at the Canberra House of Prayer in Yarralumla.

The Canberra Times contacted Mr Ross yesterday and asked about his activities as a pastor of Olive Tree Ministries but Mr Ross said he did not want to comment.

Associates and acquaintances of Mr Ross in the Christian community said Mr Ross was known around Canberra’s churches for his stridently pro-Israel views.

The Canberra Times attended Sunday’s Concerned Citizens of Canberra meeting in Gungahlin, but was asked to leave after participants opposing the building of the mosque said media should not be present. After the meeting, one of the participants made threats of physical violence to a Canberra Timesphotographer.

A detailed document by the group has since emerged that instructs Gungahlin residents on how to lodge objections to the proposed mosque plans. The document asks the ACT government to take into account the long-term effect the mosque may have on social harmony, and states a mosque “seeks to dominate the area in which it is placed”.

Submissions to the government in response to Canberra Muslim Community’s development application closed yesterday.


the “fair go” and “injustice”– which means the rule of the kafirs must be replaced with sharia:

“There are processes in place for people to have their say,” Multicultural Affairs Minister Joy Burch said. “Everybody has a legitimate right to raise concerns about various projects, but to guise concerns about faith, religion or culture through other things such as traffic – that is not the way we do it here. To me, anything that is biased against developments based on culture or faith is unacceptable.”

“Opposition to mosque unacceptable”- Land sub-committee chairman Osman Adam, right, with his son Shafiq, 9, and Canberra Muslim Community president Borhan Ahmed at the mosque site.

Canberra Muslim Community president Borhan Ahmed said the organisation had been transparent in its development plans and just wanted to be given “a fair go”. He said the development application addressed planning concerns such as traffic and parking and any noise would be minimal because the mosque would not broadcast the call to prayer.

Mr Ahmed said Canberra Muslim Community was happy to meet with the Concerned Citizens of Canberra to discuss any issues they had with the development proposal.

“I would like to say to them, I don’t know them, but we don’t want any problem with anybody around us,” he said. “We are a very peaceful community and we are prepared to have discussions with them if they are open and come to embrace us. We are always prepared to talk to people and address any concerns that they might have.”

Mr Ahmed said he believed the group represented a minority of views and he had received “overwhelming” support from the Canberra community for the mosque.

Canberra Times, 7 July 2012

The Olive Tree Ministries to which Ross is attached is presumably the Australian section of this Minnesota-based Christian Zionist outfit. Its founder Jan Markell defended the killing of nine people  (Islamic terrorists)  during Israel’s May 2010 attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla on the grounds that this was part of “a spiritual battle between God’s people and the satanic forces controlling Israel’s enemies”.

More on the “Freedom Flotilla”

5 thoughts on “Muslims & useful idiots employ Alinsky tactic against mosque opponents in Canberra”

  1. I think the “join the discussion” topic is still the best I have seen, no offense, just hitting the nail on the head so-to-say. Constantly being called liars for posting facts is getting sooooo old, and pointless, in debating with closed minded people, muslims or otherwise.

  2. I think that you folks in Cnberra really have to fight this. And you will not have gillards goons on your side.

  3. I think that you folks in Canberra really have to fight this. And you will not have gillards goons on your side

  4. Very true, this needs to be opposed all the way, this is 1 battle that islam should not be allowed to win.


    From a concerned reader and citizen who doesn’t want to be named:

    Most people on both sides of the fence do not realise what a mosque
    is, especially not many of our politicians and so-called cultural
    elites. While politicians and media are quick to bully anyone not
    bowing to the multicult doctrine a racist, xenophobe or islamophobe
    etc, the opposition to a planning or building project is still a
    natural right and privilege of residents. This can not be denied.
    Secondly, politicians and the media need to hear time and again that
    Islam is neither a race nor just another religion; and a mosque is not
    like a church or temple.

    After all Islam rejects the separation of powers (judiciary,
    legislative and executive) as well as the separation of religion and
    state. In Islam the state is the religion and the religion is the
    state. Islam is every aspect of life rolled into one, and a mosque is
    the local command and control centre for a separate civilisation. This
    has severe consequences for both believers and non-believers alike.

    As Solomon and Alamaqdisi write: “Islam cannot be defined only as a
    religion in the Western sense of the word, neither can it be termed as
    a faith only. It is a whole encompassing system. It is first and
    foremost a socio-political and socio-religious system, as well as
    socio-economic, socio-educational, legislative, judiciary, and
    military system, cloaked and garbed in religious terminology, with
    regulations that govern every aspect of the lives of its adherents and
    their relationships among themselves, and with those that are
    non-Muslims.” “The main institution that plays a central role in the
    Muslim community directing their lives and almost everything related
    to that is the mosque.”

    More Australians need to understand Islam doesn’t come to co-exist,
    Islam comes to establish Islam and Allah’s law above all.

    Bye for now

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