Respeck Islamic sensibilities, infidels!

‘Drinking alcohol hurts muslims feelings’

The new Egypt tightens up anti-alcohol rulesElder of Ziyon

From Egypt Independent:

Tourism Minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour Tourism has modified the rules for tourist facilities, such as restaurants, nightclubs and hotels, by banning the sale of alcohol beverages to Egyptians on all religious occasions and not just during Ramadan, in respect for Muslims. 

Egyptian Tourism Minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel-Nour

Those occasions include the month of Ramadan, Islamic New Year’s Eve, the night of the prophet’s Night Journey, the prophet’s birthday and the day of Arafat during the pilgrimage.

Facilities violating that decision would be suspended. Previously, alcohol was only banned in Ramadan, but the minister immediately agreed to a proposal by Sherif Ismail, his legal adviser, to extend the ban to other occasions.

This is of course a law aimed at Egyptian Christians.

But that’s nothing. Saudi Arabia takes the gold medal in religious coercion:

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Interior urged non-Muslims residing in the kingdom to respect Muslims, who are fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, by not eating openly or else face serious consequences that include deportation.

The non-Muslim expatriates in this country should respect the sentiments of Muslims by not eating, drinking and smoking in public places, including roads and workplaces,” stated an Interior Ministry statement issued by the Saudi Press Agency, adding that violators will be either deported or sacked. 

The ministry said that eating and drinking openly are seen as an embarrassment to Muslims, as abstaining from food and drinks from sunrise till sunset are one of the visible features of Ramadan that must be respected.

“Being a non-believer of Islam does not exempt an expatriate from being inconsiderate of the feelings of Muslims and the Islamic symbols of this country.”

Egypt’s new government has something to shoot for.

Abu Dhabi urges non-Muslims to respect Islamic sensibilities, eschew immodest dress

And that’s entirely reasonable. Remember: in Muslim countries, you should follow and respect the customs and practices of Muslims. And in non-Muslim countries, you should follow and respect the customs and practices of Muslims. Sharia Alert from modern, moderate Abu Dhabi: “Abu Dhabi in dress modestly plea to non-Muslims,” by Anwar Ahmad for The National, July 21

The first of its kind. Ruining tourism — and seen by liberals as the “forced Islamization of the country.” “TunisAir suspends serving alcohol on flights during Ramadan,” by Monzer Beldiafi for Al Arabiya, July 22:

In the first initiative of its kind, the Tunisian flag carrier Tunis Air decided to ban offering alcohol in its flights during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, stirring anger of liberal activists who accused the government of Islamizing the country by force.

UK: Muslim prisoners given microwaves during Ramadan, sparking fury among other inmates

“The Muslim lads kicked up a stink last year over the food they received for Ramadan. And guess what? The authorities gave in and gave the green light. It’s a f**king liberty. If the non-Muslims asked for this, they’d be told where to go.”–“Fellow inmates express anger over Muslims getting microwaves during ‘Ramadan fast’ in UK jail,” from ANI, July 21 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):   Indeed.

Imam Rauf is no doubt jetting to Kuwait as we speak, so as to explain to these hoteliers that they are getting Sharia all wrong, wrong, wrong, and that it is completely compatible with Western notions of human rights. “Kuwaiti defies hotel security to kiss wife,” from Emirates 247, July 22 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):