Soccer Jihad: FIFA Caves in, France Resists!

AFP: France has outraged many Muslims with a law against full face-covering veils which came into force in April 2011.  (Imagine that! Infidel France sticking to secular values enshrined in the constitution!)

Musel-females showing their respect for French secular law…..

Football chiefs agreed on Thursday to lift a ban on women wearing headscarves during games, clearing the way for the participation of many Muslim nations in top-flight competition.

Until the vote by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) here, players were prevented from wearing a headscarf, or hijab, at the sport’s highest level for safety reasons and on religious grounds.

Critics said the ban promoted inequality at the highest level of the world’s most popular game.

AFP, 5 July 2012

French Football Federation bans hijab despite green light from FIFA

The French Football Federation (FFF) said Friday that it would “not authorise players to wear a veil” while playing for France or in organised competitions, a day after world footballing authorities said the hijab could be worn on the pitch.

“Regarding the participation of female French national team players in international competitions on one hand, and the organisation of national competitions on the other, the French Football Federation reiterates its duty to respect the constitutional and legislative principles of secularism that prevails in our country and features in its statutes,” declared a statementfrom the FFF.

AFP, 6 July 2012

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