A Letter to Gillard from a Vet

Posted on  Afghan “soldier” kills three of ours. Five dead in all  (Andrew Bolt)

 Her Royal Highness arrives in the Cook Islands:  IT’S GOOD TO BE QUEEN (Tim Blair)

(All the while we’re being gillarded.)

Spare your crocodile tears Gilard and the Labor Party.

You dishonor our brave men and women and disgust me. Where were those tears for Vietnam, where you and your ilk derided us who served in Vietnam against your comrades, where were your thoughts and wishes when your trade unions refused to send us mail and Chistmas giftsfrom our families and boycotted us. Where were you when the likes of keating and Cairns and all the other Labor scum marched against us and allowed us to be spat on and cursed. Where was Bob Hawke when belatledly 20 years later Viet Vets were given thier welcome home ceremony and march when the prime minister hawke said he couldnt attend and flew over us by helicopter on the way to the horse races and donated from the gov a lousy $10.000 for beer, less than 1 cent a vet. Where are you now Gillard and Labor when vets of Vietnam, Iraq, Timor Afghanastan are continualy refused pensions and medical disabilities where you deny claims and pay 10s of thosands for teams of lawyers to fight appeals at AAT. Why dont the 20 year old Gov claims officers with no medical qualifications that deny our claims and refute speacialist reports,be put in the immigration dept and use thier zeal and expertise that they knock us back on to judge the claims of illigals and treat them like they do us with refusal. Where is the free legals for us vets to continue the fight to High courts? The same High court us vets cant afford that 20 year old illigal refugees get unlimited funding in the millions, when refugees in thier 20s from the very countries our men lay dead in on their behalf while they are here being given housing, medical dental 10s of thousands of dollars in furniture, thier families flown out here and cared for while us vets leave a trail of broken marriages and fragmented kids isolated from thier fathers for the very type of war you now cry for? You disgust me Labor that once in Vietnam you spat on the alliance with the USA and spat at us called us war mongers baby killers american lackies, and now you lick the boots of that same USA and say its justified. rest in Peace soldiers, warriors, heros and brothers. You have done us proud mates. God bless you and your families and God dam the hypocrites who have never served or cared and now pretend to.

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Thu 30 Aug 12 (05:21pm)

I salute this brave soldier and may those who were murdered by our dishonest polit-props rest in peace!

3 thoughts on “A Letter to Gillard from a Vet”

  1. RIP and Thank you for your service.

    Respect indeed.

    That was an incredible and beautifully articulated.

  2. Well said Soldier, don’t let the bastards grind you down! They are not worthy to tie your boot laces, but their towering arrogance and infinite ignorance will forever prevent them from seeing that. Google the “Rise up Australia Party” and you may find someone a little more palatable and worthy of our support come the next election. You may find the “Q-Society” of interest also. Good luck, mate, and travel safe. regards from the west.

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