Ahmadiyya Top Dog: Caricatures of Prophet Mo should Never be allowed as Free Speech

“Freedom has limits…”

Ahmadiyya headbanger  Shaykh-ul-Islam Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri  impressed the gullible with his ‘fartwas on terrorism” which wasn’t worth the paper it was written on, but he still gets to speak at Columbia (South-Carolina) and wherever naive multiculturalists will have him. He compares the Motoons to the holocaust, which is absurd; but make no mistake: even the the ‘peaceful’ persecuted Ahmadi’s will kill you if you insult  the meshugga prophet. Warning to infidels: “don’t hurt the feelings of the muslim community!”

Freedom to show the Motoons will be aggression, will become interference, will become transgression….feelings of muslim community must be protected, feelings are a fundamental human right…. blah blah (only muslims are human, of course) fundamental human rights ‘accepted by the world community…”

One of his coreligionists, the  “Islam-is-peace” selling  Ahmadiyya Holy Man by the name of Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad   threatened Geert Wilders With ‘Destruction & Humiliation’ in October last year.

Thanks to Mullah

2 thoughts on “Ahmadiyya Top Dog: Caricatures of Prophet Mo should Never be allowed as Free Speech”

    1. This is important, Hasan.

      Thanks for reminding me that al Qadri calls himself a Sufi-scholar, I was of the mistaken belief that he was Ahmadiyya.

      And yes: you are right in pointing out that he is the one who wrote the law oppressing them.

      Apologies for that.

      I have just been informed that this phoney ‘moderate’ peace monger has been nominated for the Nobel price.

      Alfred Nobel must be spinning in his grave like Iranian centrifuges!

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