Aung San Suu Kyi and the Muslim Riots in Assam & Burma


Burma: Two Muslim UN workers imprisoned for their role in jihad attacks against Buddhists

When the call for jihad comes, nobody must remain behind.

We have long known that the UN was pro-jihad, but these two UN staffers went above and beyond: they were “charged with crimes including promoting hatred between Buddhists and Muslims and participation in arson attacks.”–“UN staff jailed in Burma,” from the Associated Press, August 27

“The failure of Suu Kyi to adequately address the difficulties of the Rohingyas has led to criticism of her, especially in the US.”

Why, pray tell, is it the ‘failure of Sue Kyi to adequately address the difficulties of the Rohingyas?’

Sue Kyi did not fail; on the contrary: it is far better to let the people take care of the unwanted, unpleasant invaders that settled, like  muslims do, behind enemy lines with a clear mandate to wage jihad until the land is conquered and allah’s religion reigns supreme. The Buddhists defended themselves, their honour and their land. The whining of the muslims should be ignored; it is not our problem.

Even the spin doctors from al Jizz had to admit that the so-called  Rohingiyas are muslim invaders from Bangladesh. Let them return to the lands they have ruined, like the adherents of the prophet ruined all nations they conquered and plundered, without putting anything back into the soil. Where is the support, the aid from the  filthy rich Arabs in the Gulf states? Where is the global solidarity of the MuBro’s? So far all we see is an unhinged propaganda machine, tales of ‘massacres’ and  the usual hyperbole; claims of ‘genocide’, which is never mentioned when muslims wipe out, erase far better people, cultures and civilisations than they are. Restrain your compassion! Let nature run its curse. The Buddhists suffered enough under the Moslems, let the people cleanse the land of treacherous, sinister soldiers of allah!


The new outbreaks of anti-Muslim violence in Burma, and Muslim radicalism in India, are, as in so many cases, manufactured or magnified by manipulated rage, for political ends.-– (by Irfan Al-Alawi, Gatestone)

India censors social media after riots

Government calls on social networking sites to remove what it calls objectionable content.

The new outbreaks of anti-Muslim violence in Burma, and Muslim radicalism in India, are, as in so many cases, manufactured or magnified by manipulated rage, for political ends.

In Assam, Muslims of Bengali origin originally hail from what is now Bangladesh, after British colonials apparently brought them to Assam as farm labourers.

Rioting in the northeastern Indian state has caused dozens of deaths and forced thousands to flee.  (Picture Gallery)

India’s North-Eastern Naga Groups in ‘Evict Muslims’ Call

By Subir Bhaumik  via GoV

Tribal groups in India’s north-eastern Nagaland state have said they will evict Muslim Bangladeshi migrants “illegally settled on our lands”.

Tensions have been rising in the north-east following clashes between indigenous Bodos and Muslims in neighbouring Assam state in July. Thousands of people from the north-east have also fled many Indian cities after threats of revenge attacks by Muslims. Over the years, the Bengali Muslim population in Nagaland has grown.

Funny how that always happens……

The Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, disclosed at its summit, on August 16, that it would take the question of violence against Rohingya Muslims in Burma (Myanmar) to the United Nations. Previously, Saudi King Abdullah announced a donation of US$50 million for relief of the Rohingyas.

The Arabs want to see the Islamization of Burma and they will do anything to keep their precious Rohingya there.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has participated in the Myanmar transition and given it international credibility. She has, however, skirted the Rohingya matter.

Directly after the murders in Rakhine state, she reportedly said, “I would like to see all people in Myanmar get along with each other regardless of their religion and ethnicity.” During her June tour of Europe, when queried in Geneva about the status of the Rohingyas, she stated, “We have to be very clear about what the laws of citizenship are and who are entitled to them. All those who are entitled to citizenship should be treated as full citizens deserving all the rights that must be given to them.”

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  1. No Ruby, she was born in Rangoon – she is Burmese. She is not a foreign national so her representation of the people of Myanmar is right and proper. The citizenship laws are rather testing in Myanmar and she could not be a national politician if she was not a citizen, and she could not be in a citizen unless she was born in Myanmar of her family came from the country. In her case she was born in Rangoon, which was the capital city at the time of her birth.

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