Australia behind Niger, Namibia, Poland and Costa Rica!

No, this is not about the Olympics where they took the Jew out of Judo. Its about freedom of speech:

Labor demands a Pravda for the people

A Canberra politician will today make the case for subsidies for quality newspapers to overcome what he calls an inequality in political information. 

Loonies, psycho’s and nutcases eliminated!

MEDIA outlets that broadcast or use phrases such as ”loony”, ”psycho” and ”nutcase” would be censured under a plan to crack down on language that stigmatises the mentally ill.  Crackdown call on media use of words like ‘loony’  — I find the term ‘black’ dog offensive. Think I should have a go?

Gillard’s Gulag

MEDIA rights watchdog Reporters Without Borders has dropped Australia to 30th from 18th place in its annual Press Freedom Index.

“In Australia, the media were subjected to investigations and criticism by the authorities, and denied access to information,” the report said.

Australia fell behind Niger, Namibia, Poland and Costa Rica.

The US was also demoted as a result of the crackdowns on reporters covering the Occupy protesters. It fell to 47th.

“Many media paid dearly for their coverage of democratic aspirations or opposition movements,” it said.

“Control of news and information continued to tempt governments and to be a question of survival for totalitarian and repressive regimes.”–The Australian –January 30, 2012


Since the boats started coming in 2008, more than 20,700 asylum-seekers have arrived, but only 284 have been returned.- Where there’s a will there’s a way home

Using uranium in Australia? Too dangerous for Labor.

Selling uranium to the Middle East? No worries!

 The Government believes the Fair Work Act that socialist redistribution is working well…

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  1. Banning the word ” loony” by our leftwing Labour government has a hidden motive, seeing that its political hacks have often been labelled ” the loony left” ..Our PM Juliar seems to mimic Obama in most things , just watch! use of certain words is now prohibted by Obama such as terrorist, Islamist, ,jihad, etc, Juliar uses obamas phrases such as ” its the RIGHT thing to do, ” pushed through carbon tax legislation against the will of the people, she has endangered this country with unlimited muslim immigration, otherwise known as ” asylum seekers” she is openly promoting Islam in our schools, by way of publishing on our government printing presses, how to build bridges to Islam when it is muslims who should be the ones accommodating their barbaric culture to our western countries seeing that THEY are the ones imposing their unwanted presence upon us!!!! and demanding WE change for them.. Can’t wait to vote our Marxist PM out of office, she is the most unpopular leader we have ever had.according to the polls, the lowest score ever recorded

  2. I think we need to dress julia in a burka and take her to the nearest muslim hell hole. Then she can submit to Islam all she wants.She is not a prime ministers arse and should be charged with treason along with her party cohorts.

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