Federal Bacon Investigations (FBI) & the Humanity of the Savages

More of that humanity Doucet wanted us to note

The latest example of the humanity of the Taliban:

TALIBAN Islamist insurgents have beheaded 17 party-goers, 10 Afghan soldiers were killed and two NATO troops shot dead in a new insider attack in a bloody day across Afghanistan.

The Taliban were responsible for beheading the civilians, including two women, who were holding a party with music in a southern Afghanistan village, officials said.   Two women had been dancing— Andrew Bolt

The great tragedy of the Palestinian people is that they have been denied the use of their knives.


“Jihad Against ‘Criminal Jews’ is a Duty”

In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. Support Israel, Defeat Jihad.

The city of San Francisco supports these savages. Help us purge institutionalized and systemic anti-semitism in SF city government.

Salafi Terrorists: Jihad Against ‘Criminal Jews’ is a Duty” INN, August, 27, 2012

 A Salafi terror organization ideologically affiliated with Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for firing three Kassam rockets at the city of Sderot on Sunday morning.  (Pamela Geller)


Hamas MP Ahmad Bahr Calls for the Annihilation of Jews and Americans

Obama sent these annihilationists close to a billion in aid. Your taxpayer dollars funding our executioners.  Hamas MP Sheik Ahmad Bahr appeared on Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV and demanded all Muslims to annihilate the Jews and Americans. He emphasized that it is the individual duty of each Muslim, whether male or female, to wage jihad.

People don’t know what’s happening. The enemedia, hardwired for denial, is covering for these savages. Help Pamela Geller run these ads.

Federal Bacon Investigations  (FBI)
Muslims in New York managed to survive a terrifying encounter with a package of bacon at a park event last weekend.  CAIR’s  hate crime hopes unfortunately turned from sizzle to fizzle when it was learned that the food had only been left there for the wildlife.  (ROP)

Turn on CNN or MSNBC and the topic of choice will either be how Paul Ryan intends to turn America into Afghanistan (which would be swell because Afghanistan is run by the Religion of Peace and is a very tolerant place) or how four trillion Muslims were killed by Islamophobia last year.

The latest tragic case of Islamophobia that should make us all hang our heads in shame, before hanging ourselves in the attic, is the case of bacon bits found on a football field that Muslims had occupied for Ramadan. (We are the 1 percent. Jihad! Allahoo Ak-bar!)

The Ramadan event had been organized by a local chapter of the Muslim American Society. The Muslim American Society is a front for the Muslim Brotherhood, and some of its chapters have called for the murder of Jews. Calling for the murder of Jews however falls under freedom of speech. Unlike bacon which is a hate crime.

But the case of the dropped bacon isn’t the most ridiculous of the hysterical Islamophobia witch hunts that New York has seen and Sultan Knish’s article, Bacon Hate Crimes and Islamophobia Witch Hunts lists some of them.

The Intifadah Never Ended:

Arab Paper Wonders Where the Jews Went:

The Al Ahram youth newspaper has an article on how Ramadan is now celebrated in the old Jewish quarter of Cairo and how Jews used to live there in harmony with Arabs.

The article contains a glaring mistake in its description of doesn’t tell us how the tens of thousands of Egyptian Jews disappeared. It merely says “since 1948, Jews began to migrate from Egypt, sold everything and migrated either to Israel or to different countries.”

Of course, the Jews were stripped of their possessions, subject to violent and often deadly attacks, and eventually expelled from Egypt.  Heart-warming stories about how Jews and Arabs lived together, when the Arabs didn’t rob and kill them….

Muslim group that fired rockets into Israel:

Reza Aslan’s gunsel Nathan Lean, who just wrote in the Los Angeles Times that “equating the Palestinian cause with jihad” is one of “the country’s nastiest displays of prejudice,” is no doubt on his way to Gaza right now, to explain to Majlis Shura Al-Mujahidin that they’re getting jihad, and the Palestinian cause, all wrong, wrong, wrong.

“Salafi Terrorists: Jihad Against ‘Criminal Jews’ is a Duty,” by Elad Benari for Israel National News, August 27: JW