Berlin: 4 'Arab Yoots' attack & beat up rabbi in front of his 6-year old daughter

Inevitable. Mohammedans suck the Jew-hatred in with the mothers milk. Its in Koran, sira and hadith and in the mental baggage of every soldier of allah. This is only the beginning:

“Are you a Jew?”

Because he wore a kippa:

A rabbi from the Jewish community in Berlin-Schöneberg was attacked by four youngsters  in the presence of his little daughter. The 53 years old rabbi was walking on Tuesday evening in the Becker Street with his 6 years old daughter when, according to information given by the police, youngsters of  Arab origin attacked him, a spokesperson said on Wednesday.

Four youths, thought to be of “Arab descent” confronted the 53-year-old in the Schöneberg district of Berlin in the early evening of Tuesday, asking him “Are you a Jew?” according to a police statement.

One of the men blocked his path, while three others stood behind the rabbi and his daughter. The man blocking his path suddenly hit the rabbi repeatedly, injuring his head.

“There were then insults directed towards the man, his beliefs and his mother, as well as a death threat in the direction of his daughter,”  (BCF)

 The state security (office) investigates.  (Vlad Tepes)

In other news from Germany:

Dreck from “Die Zeit” and here the report from PI:  (lots of pictures!)

Leftist loons attack the info stand of our dear friends from ‘Die Freiheit’ in Munich

The fearless Michael Stuerzenberger is singlehandedly leading a drive to collect 30.000 signatures against an Islamic centre right in the middle of Munich, which is extremely courageous and commendable. There have been previous attacks, but the situation is becoming increasingly difficult due to highly aggravated soldiers of allah and their leftist supporters. One leftist attacker was arrested, other attacks are sure to follow. That day, 360 signatures were collected.

The leftarded media spins it: concerned citizens are ‘disturbing the peace’ and ‘provoke’ muslims, who would otherwise be …. perfectly integrated and peaceful, I guess.

(in German)

In German:

Bei der letzten Kundgebung der FREIHEIT in München am vergangenen Samstag, den 24. August gab es wieder Angriffe von extremen Linken. Offensichtlich kommen diese Personenkreise nicht damit klar, dass immer mehr Münchner das Bürgerbegehren gegen das geplante Zentrum für Islam in Europa unterschreiben. Der neue Pavillon mit den weithin sichtbaren Bannern trägt Früchte: 360 Unterschriften konnten an diesem Tag gesammelt werden, ein neuer Tagesrekord. Einem Linksextremen passte der Andrang am Stand nicht, er stürmte heran und verschmierte mit einem dicken Filzstift zwei Listen, bevor man ihn festnehmen konnte. Ein anderer griff nach drei Klemmordnern mit Unterschriftenlisten und warf sie weg. Man beachte nun, wie bei dem Artikel “Distanzierer und Provokateure” von Zeit online die Tatsachen verdreht werden.

‘Die Freiheit’ is being watched in Spain:

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  1. The is what muslims do best – and for those muslims who think that the comment is unfair I suggest you read a cross-section of newspapers from across the world. If you want to do something then remove or control your goons, because if we have to we will not differentiate between them and you!!

  2. At the last rally of the FREEDOM in Munich on Saturday, 24 August there were again attacks by (the) extreme left. Obviously these groups( the left) of people come less rational now that more and more sign the Munich public petition against the planned Centre for Islam in Europe. The new pavilion with the highly visible banners are bearing fruit: 360 signatures were collected on this day, a new daily record. There was a rush from a member of the far left , he stormed and smeared the petitions with a thick felt pen on two lists before they could arrest him. Another grabbed three terminal folders with petitions and threw them away. Note now, in the article “Distanzierer and Provocateurs” online is a distortion of reality.

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