Friday Night Updates

Mark Dodd takes you to the base where three Australian soldiers were killed by a rogue Afghan serviceman.

Thirty-Four “Insider” Attacks This Year in Afghanistan

According to the Qur’an, the penalty for “making mischief” in a Muslim land is pretty harsh: (answering Islam)

Judgemental Judge: “I find it  unlikely he will offend again.”

JARED OWENS /The Australian

“Authorities provoked riots in detention centre by not giving muslims what they wanted”

RIOTING that rocked Darwin’s Northern Immigration Detention Centre last August was sparked after officials reneged on a promise to take Muslim detainees to a local mosque to celebrate the end of Ramadan.  Justice Blokland accepted Sapri was very remorseful for being “caught up” in the rioting and appeared distressed during the court proceedings. (There’s a sucker born every minute….)

Bonkers in Honkers

Hong Kong officials opine that building more mosques and opening new halal places would help attract more Muslim travelers to visit the city.

“We could think about building a few more mosques for the Middle East people,” Edwin Lau, vice-president of Emirates Airlines Hong Kong, told CNN.


You may be suffering from “CAIRophobia”- if you believe that mosques should be monitored, like they do in Sowdi Barbaria.   CAIR believes that Muslim Americans deserve the special right not to be surveilled.

The amazing part of all this is that CAIR has an uncanny, Teflon-like ability to avoid mainstream criticism of its own disturbing background.

Muslim culture is like watching a bus crash, or something….

… Alkhatib said the new Islamic community center should not be seen as a political or religious statement, but is instead a good chance to find commonalities between religions, and a place to learn about Muslim culture. Islam is not Islam, mosques are not mosques, mustards are not mustards…..

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