German Law Beats Sharia

Listen to the unhinged Pom and his accusative tone!  The header for this youtube entry is “Mohammed Сartoons: Blasphemy or artistic expression?”— as if it was a question of life and death. But wait a minute: what if it is?

“Germany’s struggling to see eye to eye with its Muslim community over whose laws and beliefs should prevail. From anti-extremism protests to openly displaying portraits of the prophet Mohammed, demonstrations have been taking place in a number of cities across the country. RT’s Peter Oliver reports.”

Why would Germany be “struggling?” Isn’t the question about “whose laws and beliefs should prevail” idiotic?  The law of the land  and the torch of freedom must be upheld; things may have gone out of hand and justice may have been perverted occasionally; but does that mean that Mohammedan law, the sharia, should supersede German law?

The mind boggles!

Abu Usama Al-Gharib: Statement on the raids (against salafists) in Germany

Posted on August 27, 2012 by Eeyore (Vlad)

This is an original translation by Hermes (Thank you as always Hermes)

It is a response to the German government that has actually been taking appropriate action against Islamic organizations bent on the destruction of the Autonomous German Republic.

The actions the German Government have been taken is represented in this German news clip below:

And here, the translation of the response from

Abu Usama Al-Gharib: Statement on the raids (against salafists) in Germany

To the crusaders and Tawaghits: make as many raids as you want or can. Ban Millatu Ibrahim. Steal as much money, PC’s and anything else as you like. Kick as many doors as you want. Come masked like coward dogs, (or) as you like. Imprison and persecute us as best as you can. Spend millions putting us under surveillance…

In the end one thing remains unaltered:

We will not give up. Victory or Shahadah (Martyrdom). We will win, because Allah is with us. We will not stop saying: “We break with you, and first and foremost with those you serve instead of (serving) Allah. We declare you kuffars, and obviously PERPETUAL ENMITY and HATE reigns between you and us till you believe in no god but Allah. No one can ban Millatu Ibrahim, and neither (that) illusionist Friedrich Dirt Swine (German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich), because Millatu Ibrahim is in our hearts. Millatu Ibrahim is our way and our Aqida (faith).  We will keep on and you will lose. Your four and two legged dogs scare us not even a tiny bit. On the contrary, what your dogs do is an incentive for us to continue on this path.

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  1. At last SOME Germans are waking up, but I fear this islamist cancer has taken hold and is spreading as just about everywhere in Europe and with the eager help of the Australian Green/Labor government it’s coming to your neighbourhood.

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