"Go Back To Where You Came From"

Dumbing Down

Australia’s state run propaganda  TV  wants you to open your hearts, your homes  and your pockets WIDE   to accommodate  millions of the worlds impoverished muslims. (don’t mention the others!)

Lets spread the wealth around folks!

Bleeding hearts Australians experience life in two of the world’s most violent and desperate countries, Somalia and Afghanistan.  (To be fair; some of the participants are under heavy pressure to change their minds. I mean, how can anyone not want Australia to become Islamic?)

The whole thing is a shameless exercise in revenue raising for just about every UN & Soros run aid and human rights agency. Since the vid starts automatically, I have to put it below the fold.

Part One

In part III, which I don’t have yet, Catherine Deveney, who markets herself as a ‘comedian’ claims muslims welfare seekers are no different from tourists who spend their money in Australia or from working holiday kids who come here as fruit pickers.

Excuse me while I puke my heart out. If we keep breeding stupidity like that the next generation won’t have a country.

About the show: the participants

3 thoughts on “"Go Back To Where You Came From"”

  1. Indeed. When I saw the clip I rolled my eyes and laughed. There is no way on EARTH the Australian Governmet would of put these idiots lives at risk.

    I’m betting with my left nut these idiots had their very own SAS minders to lok after them, but of course the ones in charge wouldn’t tell us that would they?

  2. Infuriating. The idiots led the debate: they made it all about “compassion”. The others were unwittingly bullied into accepting this agenda. Extraordinary to watch: intelligent people submitting to fools who themselves are submitting to lying savages. The sycophancy of Catherine Deveney was loathsome and sickening.
    I picked up on the Somalian kid being named “Osama” straight away and was spitting chips. At least, one of the men noticed too. Muslims like to name their kids, their streets, their towns, after killers.
    SO disappointed in Peter Reith. How could he let himself be used in this way?
    All in all, yet another devastating step in the direction of disaster.

    Major David Stockwell, US Army, UN military spokesman, re Somalia Operation Provide Relief, 1992:
    “We fed them, they got strong, they killed us.”

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